10 African countries with the best numerical quality of life index


However, while digitization has become a norm in some parts of the world, others still struggle to integrate technology into their daily lives.

Surf Shark, a cybersecurity services company located in the Netherlands, has published a study showing the most digitized countries in the world.

They based their findings on 5 key metrics, including internet affordability, internet quality, e-infrastructure, e-security and e-government.

By gathering data on these components, the company was able to round up the countries with the best Digital Quality of Life (DQL) index.

Surf Shark’s 2022 DQL is the 4th iteration of the company’s study. Since 2019, Surf Shark has been conducting this research, and each year the list is a little different.

According to the company, “this year’s study includes 7 (6%) more countries than DQL 2021, most of which are on the African continent.”

The company also said, “Revised from 110 in 2021, the 2022 DQL Index now analyzes 117 countries worldwide based on internet affordability, internet quality, electronic infrastructure, electronic security and electronic government. These pillars have 14 indicators that help measure overall digital quality of life.

So without further ado, here are the ten African countries with the best DQL index according to Surf Shark:

South Africa: Ranked 66th in the world and 1st in Africa in its DQL ranking, South Africa has an overall DQL index of 0.4131.

Mauritius: At number 2 is the East African nation of Mauritius, the country is ranked 68th in the world with a DQL score of 0.4117.

Morocco: It is the 77th country with the highest DQL in the world and the 3rd in Africa, with a score of 0.4051 in its overall DQL index.

Tunisia: The North African nation of Tunisia comes in at number 4 in Africa and 77th in the world. Its overall DQL index is 0.3848.

Kenya: Kenya is only a step away from Tunisia which ranks 78th in the world and 5th in Africa, its DQL index is 0.3836.

Egypt: This North African giant ranks 85th in the world, ranking 6th in Africa, its DQL index is 0.3475.

Nigeria: Speaking of giants, the giants of Africa, Nigeria is just behind Egypt at 86th in the world and 7th in Africa, its DQL index is 0.3437.

Ghana: The next country on the list is another West African country. Ghana ranks 88th in the world and 8th in Africa. Its DQL index is 0.3330.

Algeria: Algeria is the 9th African country with the highest DQL index, ranking 92nd in the world. His overall DQL score is 0.3222.

Senegal: And finally, we have Senegal in this top 10. It is the 10th African country with the highest DQL index and the 95th in the world. His DQL score is 0.3143.

These are the ten African countries with the highest digital quality of life index, and they are the only African countries in the global top 100, with the exception of Uganda and Côte d’Ivoire, which rank rank 98th and 100th respectively, with DQL scores of 0.2983 and 0.2946.


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