10 Best Balance Boards For Workouts, According To Experts


Balance can be hard to find in life and in the gym. The idea of ​​increasing the instability of your workout may sound daunting, but trust us, it actually has a lot of benefits.

Like sliders and resistance bands, balance boards are a fun way to spice up your sweats and expand your stash of home gym equipment. “Balance boards help with balance, core strength, and increased joint stabilization in the shoulders, ankles, and wrists,” says Cara Carmichael, CPT.

Meet the experts: Bradford Rahmlow, CPT, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Head of Coaching Talent on the Balanced digital fitness platform. Cara Carmichael, CPT, is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who runs an online fitness program.

You can use balance boards with basic movements, like going up and down, or try more complex exercises with them for advanced balance training.

“Creating a deliberately unstable environment challenges our proprioception and our body’s ability to recruit muscles to create and maintain stability,” says Bradford Rahmlow, CPT. “As you age, strength and balance tend to decline, which can lead to inactivity and frailty, so balance training is a great way to counter the natural aging process.

Take a look at the best balance boards:

Looking for a little more information on the balance board? When shopping, focus on material, style, and how you plan to use it. There are top boards on this list in wood, rubber, bamboo, and plastic with a range of durability. Some boards also come with attachments to adjust the difficulty and help you progress.

Either way, be sure to review the dimensions. Balance boards can look deceptively small online. You want your board to fit your position and the space you want. Consider marking the size of different planks on your floor with tape before you click buy. “The balance board deck should be adjusted to your height,” says Carmichael. “Taller people look for a longer, wider board, and shorter people should look for a narrower board,” says Carmichael.

Ready to add wobble to your workouts? Read on for the 10 best balance boards, according to experts and customer reviews.


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