10 things to know before planning your trip to Maui


Many things make Maui an exciting place to visit. Think beautiful beaches, scenic forests with unique hiking trails, a huge population of whales, incredible surf, and aloha-worthy resorts. All of this is enough to make you want to catch the next flight to Maui, but before that, here are a few things to know about the beautiful Hawaiian island.

ten It’s A Great Spot For Whale Watching

Every year, humpback whales come to the island of Maui to mate and give birth to their young. During this period, which lasts from November to March, there are plenty of opportunities to see these magnificent creatures up close. Boat tours are the best options for those who want to see the best whale watching in Maui.

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9 Great snorkeling and diving

Many travelers get so engrossed in all the amazing things you can do on land in Maui that they forget about the other part of the island underwater. Maui stands out among the other islands when it comes to a great underwater experience as it features abundant coral reefs that are home to a wide variety of sea creatures. Green Sea Turtles – Hawaii’s most popular sea creatures are best seen on the island of Maui. Other interesting sights that can be seen in Maui’s waters include reef sharks, dolphins, manta rays and many species of fish.

8 Renting a car is an easy way to explore the island

Maui is Hawaii’s second largest island with an area of ​​727 square miles. With such a large area, one can expect to be encountered from a great distance when visiting the island’s many attractions. Some things can be done without the aid of a vehicle but not many, and it would take extra time and money to explore the island without a car. With a car, one can easily explore most of the island in a short time and still reserve a great deal of strength and money. Taxis can be a way to reduce distance, but renting a car is cheaper and more flexible.

seven The sunsets are mesmerizing

As simple as it sounds, watching the sunset is one of the best things to do on any Hawaiian island and when it comes to some of the best sunsets in Hawaii, Maui can easily fit in. home with the price. There are many parts of the island with sunsets that would convince how wonderful the island sunsets are. In places like West Maui, you don’t have to climb to the tops of mountains or hit the beaches to take in the mesmerizing colors; they can easily be seen from a resort window or outdoor restaurant. Still, more scenery awaits those who can get to the beaches or some of the island’s elevated vantage points at sunset.

6 The sea can be unpredictable

Waves in Maui are generally strongest in the winter; however, they can still pose a threat during the summer months. Sometimes, due to weather changes, calm waters can suddenly generate waves strong enough to drag swimmers out to sea and injure or drown them. Snorkelers and snorkelers are advised to always be cautious when out at sea. An important tip travelers should note is to never turn their back on the sea as rogue waves can strike at any time. If in doubt about sea conditions, divers and swimmers are advised to seek advice from locals or beach management. The signs should not be ignored either.

5 Harassing or capturing turtles is a criminal offense

Hawaiian green sea turtles are an endangered species, so they are protected by federal and state laws and harassing them in any form is an offense that can lead to serious problems. For the naive swimmer, the urge to play with these beautiful creatures is overwhelming, but fines of up to $2,000 or a month in jail await those who break the law regarding this creature. Since Maui is where they are most commonly seen, visitors are advised to only enjoy these magnificent creatures with their eyes and cameras.

4 The surf is epic

Maui is arguably the best destination in Hawaii for surfing. During the summer, most beaches can be quieter; however, in winter, an epic surfing adventure is guaranteed on this island. Most of the island’s beaches are great for surfing, but some are just too epic to ignore. Jaws – one of Maui’s beaches is known worldwide for producing some of the biggest waves ever surfed. Surfers of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced surfers looking to tackle challenging waves, will be satisfied on Maui.

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3 The sun is burning

One of the most important things to know about Maui before visiting is that the weather is almost always sweltering as the island sun is almost always scorching hot. This is the first thing one will notice when arriving on the island because no one can ignore burning skin. To enjoy a comfortable vacation on such an island, travelers should ensure they are equipped with the right sunscreens, enough water and hats, and also avoid too much sun exposure.

2 Non-mineral sunscreens are prohibited

Sunscreens are important gear to have on Maui for protection from the sun. But not all sunscreens are safe for the environment and the sea. Non-mineral sunscreens such as octinoxate, octocrylene and oxybenzone are considered harmful to the coral reef and the good health of the sea. ‘environment. For this reason, only mineral sunscreens such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide will be permitted on Maui. This law is expected to come into force on October 1, 2022.

1 Smoking is prohibited in designated areas

In an effort to keep parts of Maui free of harmful litter, cigarettes have now been banned from beaches, parks, and other recreational sites. It has been proven that cigarettes are harmful to water as well as to young people. Therefore, keeping them away from these parts of the island is a way to protect marine life and keep the environment healthy. Violators of this law risk being fined up to $500.


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