3 reasons why the internet is good for you


Technology and the internet seem to be all around us these days. We can now surf the net wherever we are, whenever we want. While some claim they are brainwashing us and ruining our lives, we can’t deny how amazing it is to connect with those we would never have interacted with without this technology. Plus, there’s a whole lot more where that came from. Here are some of the main reasons why the internet is good for us.

It’s great for learning

From hobbies to professional skills, there are tons of online courses that allow people of all ages to learn something new. Maybe you want to learn a new skill, or maybe traveling across the country for college isn’t viable. In any case, you can choose from a bunch of modules on the Internet. It’s no surprise that students who enroll in online courses have increased by 96%.

It’s not just great for after-school classes. As we use the internet more and explore the apps and features on offer, we get used to different technologies – which can only be a good thing as the world becomes even more digitally-centric and savvy. In fact, a quiz looking at internet usage and perceptions determining technological ages found that as Gen Zers can spend more time online, they are more aware of internet safety. So, by using the Internet regularly, you are more likely to have a better understanding of it, which could protect you further.

The internet provides us with endless information and data on virtually every topic. Whether you’re looking for advice on a topic you find difficult to talk about or just want to learn more about a certain product or service before buying it, the internet has all the answers too.

It keeps us connected

The Internet makes communication and contact with friends and family even easier. Whether through Skype, social media messengers or chat platforms, we are now able to build and maintain relationships no matter how far apart we are. Additionally, the dating scene has also expanded, with more than one third of the fiances revealing that they met online.

It boosts our economy

More than 40% of Americans say they order their groceries online every week. That’s before we even think about how many people are booking vacations, ordering clothes and taking out pizza online. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the internet is a huge contributor to global gross domestic product.

Not only that, but it creates jobs – both in technology and also in the companies themselves who hire social media managers and content creators. What’s even more poignant is that the internet is being used for crowdfunding – helping millions of people around the world raise money for treatments, experiments and many other great ideas.

Of course, there’s no denying that the internet has its downsides, but the points above should at least underscore that there have been some overwhelmingly positive things to come out of it.


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