6 black woman-led exercise programs to try at home in 2021


Image of the article titled Nine Badass Black Women Who Change the Workout Game

Photo: Africa Studio (Shutterstock)

One of the key issues we see in coaching culture is the lack of representation. Many of the advertised programs feature white women, which isn’t necessarily a problem, except that it doesn’t show a range of trainers (or culturally relevant bodies, music, and styles) in the videos or classes. that they produce. It can be very disheartening to have to type something like “Workout Videos for Black Women” in order to get results – much like having to type “Curly Black Girl Hairstyles” into Google Images – and j I started to want to find these coaches was going to be an almost impossible task.

But these badass women do exist!

Now that going to the gym isn’t really an option anymore, there are plenty of health, fitness, and workout programs online, and many even offer a free alternative. These videos are streamed for free on Instagram and YouTube, which is a great way to facilitate the (repeated) New Years resolution to get in shape.

I’ll be the first to say I don’t have New Years Resolutions because I feel like I let myself down at the end of January and spend months feeling sorry for myself and lacking follow-up . Rather than hang out there at the end of this month, I decided to look for black women who exude the strength and confidence that I’m trying to embody in 2021. After trying about five or six types of videos different workouts of different trainers. , I was able to find a collection of programs that will be subject to significant rotation.


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