A Tale of Two Coasts: The Southwest Swell


Photography by Jereme Aubertin and @surfgirlnz. Below is the clip from TVD Productions.

It’s a huge advantage. Two coasts, facing totally different swell sources, with enough distance between them to think about it, but not so far that you can’t drive it in one morning.

Once the depression to the southeast of the country had blown its swell wind away, another early autumn swell from the southwest had begun to hit the other side of the North Island. These swells have been creeping in for about a month (remember this one?) and while there were no mega bombs in the process, the swell period was long enough for the classic scene three coats of Raglan does its job. And as you’ll see here, a few people scored in both east and west…

Nice mid-morning zipper. It was everyone’s day in Raglan – not the blood and thunder epic Outside Indicator, but lots of people having fun and the hungry getting their fix. Photo: Aubertin

You would drive across the coast to get this. Steven Venter throwing a bucket. Photo: Aubertin

And this carnation did (the reader that is). Tail fan Tai Bennett. Photo: Aubertin

Jason Vink, a rag local. “He waited very patiently for this beautiful set wave and he surfed it well”, says the photographer. “Manu Bay was generally quite small and slow both days, but the odd really good set was still going through.” Photo: Aubertin

Lots of interaction on a fun day like this. Kiri Binnersley and a caring longboarder, smiles all around. Photo: surfgirlnz

It’s a “timeless” classic wave, designed for traditional lines, but it’s also open to help you develop your skills. Kora Cooper. Photo: Aubertin

A light NE wind in the morning put a little chatter on people’s faces. Always…. Photo: Aubertin

The coast to the north could be anywhere. California? Mexico? Peru? No. Murray Clear, nice line in the afternoon light. Photo: Aubertin

It was Kaz Downey’s birthday. Happy birthday Kaz! Photo: Aubertin

Matt Bennett – Tai’s Dad – looking like he did days ago on the East Coast, that is. smooth. Photo: Aubertin

The female surfer gang dominated the evening sessions. Ava Meddings Malone style moment in Manu’s final section. Photo: Aubertin

How will this coast play out over the weekend and beyond? Small but muscular hit for the Raglan area, maybe hampered by wind at first, but there’s a big one brewing | A Few Bits for Auckland’s West Coast | Offwind spots in Taranaki could be good on Saturday


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