A young couple live their dream aboard an autonomous sailboat transformed into a home


Some like to move around in their tiny mobile homes, others prefer to opt for motorhomes or motorhomes, but those who love the sea above all choose yachts. Some might argue that living permanently aboard a ship, at sea, is even more difficult than the first two options, mainly due to the more difficult access to vital supplies. But, with the help of modern technology and excellent organizational skills, even a sailboat can become the perfect home.

Sophie and Ryan have proven it and continue to show how living on a yacht can be the most awesome adventure. She’s French, he’s American, and they met in Sweden, where they both work. Typical of a modern day romance, they quickly decided to explore the world together. In 2018, they left Sweden aboard a 40-foot (12-meter) sailboat called the Polar Seal.

The vessel was a Beneteau Oceanis 40 model, known for its sleek silhouette and high-level capabilities. The brand built award-winning racing models, and the 40-foot Oceanis became a classic, also featuring sporty interiors created by the famous Nauta Design. Powered by a 40 HP A Yanmar diesel engine, it can reach a top speed of 7.5 knots (8.6 mph / 13.8 km / h) and can carry up to 53 gallons (200 liters) of fuel.

Of course, the couple also had to invest in preparing this ocean-worthy sailboat for an extended cruise. They’ve gone from not even knowing how to sail, to now generating the power and water they need on board, the couple told Forbes. With enough food, the two can live off the grid for months at a time, and they’ve already covered more than 15,000 nautical miles (17,200 miles / 27.7 km) in three years.

Ryan and Sophie share their adventures and technical tips for living aboard a sailboat, on their social media platforms, proving that anyone can go from a boring life to a life of complete freedom.


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