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Sailors competing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have had to endure the uncertainty and limitations of the pandemic and the scorching heat of the region, but have also experienced the hospitality of a country that would likely prefer to focus on his recovery from COVID-19 disease.

But for athletes who will compete in the upcoming 2022 Beijing Olympics, memories of China spying on participants during the 2008 Beijing Olympics initiate protective measures for the upcoming competition.

It has been reported that teams in Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the United States encourage or ask their representatives not to bring mobile devices and computers due to reports that Spyware will be installed to extract private information or track future activity.

Unsurprisingly, the information spying claim is disputed by CGTN, the official website of China Global Television Network, which published the following report:

You come here, do your thing on the track or the rink, win a medal or two, and we’ll listen to your every conversation on your phone, whether you’re talking about food, the bed in the Olympic Village, or how you’re doing. train next year. Either way, we’ll be listening.

If you think this scenario sounds like something out of a spy novel or a 007 segment, you’d be surprised if politicians in the Netherlands, the UK and the US write one about the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

In recent days, it has been reported that Dutch athletes have been asked to leave their phones and laptops at home “in an unprecedented measure to avoid Chinese spying”. The British team received temporary phones to take to China for the Games.

US Senator Marco Rubio had even sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking about the administration’s efforts to ensure US athletes are “sufficiently protected from Beijing’s surveillance and manipulation”.

Such a paranoid rush to try to protect oneself from imaginary threats is the inevitable result of the runaway politicization of this year’s Winter Olympics. – Full report

Editor’s Note: In case it needs to be said, the Chinese government exercises significant control over its media, which comes in handy for assuring your people that you are not as evil as foreign nations make you out to be.


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