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Bahraini children who use Android devices spent the most time on YouTube during the summer.

This is the result of new research by Kaspersky Safe Kids that revealed the online content that most interested children in the summer of 2021.

It shows that the video-sharing app is the most popular “hobby” among 35.1% of the Kingdom’s young internet population.

Summer is the best time to relax and have fun as there are no schools, classes and homework.

During this period, children have more time to consume various content, watch more bloggers, play online games and chat with friends. Kaspersky analyzed anonymized data, such as search queries and the most popular Android apps as well as website categories, all provided voluntarily by Kaspersky Safe Kids users, to explore how children’s interests and needs have been viewed. changed during the summer of 2021.

In Bahrain, WhatsApp (7.6%) and TikTok (6%) were also the most popular apps.

The main activities that interested children were our videos and YouTube, and in particular requests related to video games (20%), as on the Let’s Play walkthroughs.

Among the most popular “Let’s Players” in the world were English speakers SSundee and MrBeast Gaming.

Minecraft (25.9%) was the most popular game over the summer, while Brawl Start (4.9%) topped Roblox (4.6%).

Another trend among children was music.

Almost a fifth of all Internet searches on YouTube worldwide (18.4%) were devoted to artists and music videos. This summer’s most popular track was Masked Wolf’s Astronaut in the Ocean, while Ariana Grande and Lil Nas X became the most famous performers.

Interestingly, the Eurovision Song Contest has also proven popular among children and adolescents.

This year’s winners, the Italian group Maneskin, have become one of the most popular teenage groups in the world.

On YouTube, children most often searched for their songs Beggin ‘, I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE and the Eurovision winning song ZITTI E BUONI. Among other internet trends, it’s important to note the explosive popularity of the new Simple Dimple and Pop It toys.

They were covered in pieces of music that went viral on TikTok, and many reviews of the toys appeared on YouTube.

“Research shows that kids don’t change their preferences as frequently and keep watching the same type of content, but the main characters do change.

For example, Italian rockers Maneskin are replacing BTS, and the game Friday Night Funkin ‘overtakes Among Us.

The numbers also show that modern children are more interested in music than sports.

Even global events such as Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics could not capture their attention, ”comments Anna Larkina, web content analysis expert at Kaspersky.

The research also found that during this time, TikTok, YouTube, and WhatsApp remained at the top of the popular apps where kids spent the most time in the Middle East during the summer.

Instagram’s popularity among children continued to decline as Eurovision gained popularity and Brawl Stars overtook Roblox in popularity around the world.

To ensure a positive online experience for children, Kaspersky recommends that parents:

• Surf and learn together.

Find out where kids spend their time online and find out how to best protect them.

• Consider downloading parental control apps and discuss this topic with your child to explain how these apps work and why they need them to stay safe online.

• Spend more time communicating with children about online safety.

Tell your kids what should never be posted on the internet and why.

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