Breaking: Hawaiian surf icon and ancient world # 4 Reno Abellira survives emergency brain surgery but remains in intensive care after near-fatal bashing at Ala Moana Beach Park


Alright, alright, alright.

It all comes down to this. On the way to America’s favorite department store on America’s Biggest Shopping Day. I should go to the best surf shop on the west coast, Real surf in Oceanside, but I’ll be going there tomorrow plus it wouldn’t activate my stressors, pump my blood pressure, test my resolve.

No, I trained, and I trained hard, for times like this. In the past I would have raged on the road, got into a brawl in the parking lot, displayed a really bad attitude in the aisles, spitting at a young girl attacking overworked employees, attacking anything but a robust expression of capitalism American.

Now I have a personalized health and wellness coach, a WHOOP strap it allows me to get to know myself, physically, to monitor heart rate, respiratory function, blood pressure, thus derailing public access to bad behavior.

I woke up after a Thanksgiving bacchanal and first checked the strain from yesterday …

…a whooping cough 14.1 due to putting the turkey in the oven, the emphasis on cooking the turkey, taking the turkey out of the oven, general accommodation, etc.

But my recovery, at an impressive 80%, let me know I was ready for more.

So I agreed to head to Target, knowing I could handle the load.

I parked the car, checked my heartbeat per minute, a relatively cold 81, checked my lung deposition rate per minute, a reasonable 14.6, which means I was “in or near my normal range”.

I went into the madness by heading first to the toys section, next to the electronics section, finally to the Christmas decorations section keeping an eye on my vital signs.

Rising but no need to panic, no need to panic, no need to panic.

And when I felt the need to panic, I re-consulted my whoop and remembered that there was no need to panic.

Having hard data, as opposed to unattached emotional surges, is a Black Friday gift and I stepped out of the LOL OMG doll sliding glass doors in hand, Christmas lights under my arm, knowing I was fine.

Alright, alright, alright.

I would have surfed instead of shopping but the American economy needs me today and it’s still super flat.


Happy black friday.


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