Brighton RNLI responds to struggling kite surfers near Hove


LIFEBOAT crews were called in following reports of two kitesurfers struggling in the sea off Hove.

Brighton RNLI was instructed to launch its inshore lifeboat by the Coast Guard just after 9:02 a.m.

The crew began to search between Hove Lagoon and Rockwater but found nothing.

Meanwhile, a kitesurfing kit was found stranded on the beach but with no sign of the kitesurfers themselves.

While the crew searched, a Coast Guard unit found an individual ashore who matched the original description.

At this point, the Solent Coast Guard cleared the lifeboat to retreat after completing their ongoing search and returned to the station at 9.48am.

The call was classified as a false alarm with good intentions.

RNLI photo.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning October 27.

Roger Cohen, Brighton’s Director of Rescue Operations, said: ‘Even though the call turned out to be a false alarm, we would like to congratulate the member of the public who did the right thing by calling 999 to report what he saw.

“They thought someone had gotten into trouble and had every intention of calling the authorities.

“We prefer to go out and investigate what was seen and reassure everyone.

“This call also underlines the importance for water sports equipment to identify the name and contact details of the owner.”

L'Argus: Beach in Hove.Beach in Hove.

The Coast Guard recommends that people “clearly mark” their equipment and other items with them so that in the event of loss, theft or abandonment, they can contact you to make sure you are safe.

A Coast Guard spokesperson said: ‘It really helps us save a lot of time and could provide us with additional information that we need to help you if we think you are in trouble at sea.

“Specific labels can be ordered free of charge from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency website.

“At the very least, some users just write their cell phone number on their equipment with a permanent marker. ”

Brighton Lifeboat was ready to be put back into service again at 10:10 a.m.

If you see someone in difficulty, always dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.

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