Call this number to hear a message from ‘Stranger Things’ Argyle, Brochachos


If you have finished watching the fourth season of stranger things but you already want more, here’s something you can do to hold yourself back for a while.

Fans can call the popular character Argyle (Edouard Francolisten)) by dialing the number seen on the side of his Surfer Boy Pizza van on the show.

When you call (805) 457-4992, Argyle will “answer” the phone. The number’s 805 area code covers San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties in California. Here is his message: “The surf is in place. Surfer boy pizza. This is Argyle speaking. Here at Surfer Boy, we prepare everything fresh, except for our pineapple, which comes from a can.

Argyle then asks you to hold on while he talks to one of his colleagues about a very specific order he just received from another customer, which includes a six-inch crust, four pieces of white mozzarella, three habaneros, two slices of green pepper and a piece of blue cheese.

“Try it before you deny it, bro,” Argyle says.

Before he can resume the phone call with you, the line disconnects. It’s a shame because we were really looking forward to ordering a delicious pie. Luckily, curious fans can buy Surfer Boy Pizza at Walmart. The product is currently out of stock (unsurprisingly), but hopefully the retail chain will add a few more to its online inventory, which includes a Meat Lovers Pizza, a Supreme , a pineapple jalapeno, pepperoni and a mixed assortment.

“Go on a totally awesome flavor adventure that will have you feeling like your slices were delivered hot to your door!” reads the Wal-Mart website. “Put a pie in the oven and curl your taste buds, brochachos!”


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