Chesil Sailing Trust receives major donation in honor of Rod Shipley


A WOMAN honored the memory of her late husband by recently making another significant donation to the Chesil Sailing Trust.

The Sailing Trust is a Dorset-based charity established in 2001 that enables young, disadvantaged or disabled people to enjoy the thrill of sailing and water sports.

The charity has been running introductory courses for young people as part of its ‘Sail for a Fiver’ program since 2003, but in 2013 the program received a major boost when Elma Shipley donated very important £100,000 in memory of her late husband Rod, who sadly passed away in 2012.

Her latest donation exceeds £22,000, bringing the total given by Ms Shipley since 2013 to more than £200,000.

Mrs. Shipley’s husband, Rod Shipley, was a popular local businessman who owned Chesil Beach Motors and had enjoyed sailing since his school days. Ms Shipley therefore felt that a fitting way to honor her memory was to give other young people the opportunity to learn about sailing and water sports.

Thanks to Ms Shipley’s support, the ‘Rod Shipley Sail for a Fiver’ program has been established, as well as a ‘Rod Shipley Windsurf for a Fiver’ program which introduces young people to windsurfing and other windsurfing sports. slip. His other significant donation to the Trust enables these programs to be supported.

Programs are run in conjunction with local schools through which all bookings are made. They are provided by the Andrew Simpson Center and the official National Sailing Academy Test Center in Weymouth and Portland, as well as the Outdoor Education Center in Weymouth. These courses have proven to be very successful and popular.

Ms. Shipley’s support has enabled these programs to be expanded and improved and recently a significant milestone has been reached as the number of young people taking part in these programs since their launch exceeded 30,000.

As the program has now been running for a few years, some of these youngsters who had their first experience on the water through the program have now progressed in the sport to compete and some have even become sailing instructors themselves.

Schoolchildren from St Nicholas & St Laurence School recently enjoyed a Windsurf for a Fiver session.

Commenting on the windsurfing session, Ms Morris from the school said: ‘This activity pushes children out of their comfort zone. It boosts their confidence and for some of them, they would never have done anything like this before. It gives them the confidence to try things they’ve never tried before and gives them the belief that they can do it.

John Tweed, Chairman of the Chesil Sailing Trust, said: ‘The Trust is very grateful to Ms Shipley for her extraordinary continued support, as we are for all donations from other charitable trusts and individuals who support our programmes.

“The benefits of these programs are very clear and we hope young people in local schools will continue to benefit from them for many years to come.”


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