Closure of the new Guernica in the CBD


A staple of Melbourne nightlife for over 12 years, the intricate and organized multi-room nightclub and bar in the jungle of New Guernica have unfortunately just announced that they will be closing their doors.
As a regular at the venue and someone who has celebrated several life events in the nightclub, it’s a bitter sting of nostalgia, but a reminder that all good things must pass.

After battling the effects of COVID and frequent lockdown restrictions, the venue was further troubled by a proposal to redevelop the building into a 12-story hotel.

The new owners of Guernica, Steve Costa, Dominic Lococo, Jaff Tzaferis and Kyle Bush, have made the decision to close the CBD and look for another location in Melbourne. “We are sad to say goodbye to this site. We have created so many memories here over the past 21 years, first as F4 and then as New Guernica,” said Costa.

New Guernica will be leaving the CBD with quite a legacy having welcomed top talent to its sticky soils including Jamie XX, George Michael, Solange Knowles, Honey Dijon and Queens Of The Stone Age, which is not a bad CV at all. .

There are rumors of a final boogie to a good start but nothing has been confirmed yet, be sure to keep an eye out for them. Instagram for details.

To the many nights, dancefloor memories and good times, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye, vale New Guernica in the CBD, you always gave it a hell of a nudge.

Good news, the Dylan Alcott Ability Festival is back. Check it out here.

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