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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Dickinson, Season 3, Episode 9, “This was a Poet-.”]

How to commemorate a final? With a final dance, of course. At least, that’s what Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) does in the closing episode of Apple TV +’s daring comedy. Dickinson. Returning to death (Wiz Khalifa) once again, the old friends share a dance among Emily’s flower beds under the shining sun of a bright day at Amherst.

Logging out after his three-season run, DickinsonThe latest entry from is really special. Directed by showrunner Alena Smith who makes her directorial debut with the episode, “He Was a Poet-” makes way for the next chapter in Emily’s poem-filled life, though we can’t keep up. after half an hour.

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While the previous episode set up some celebratory moments between Emily, her family, and closest friends, the finale is almost a full solo adventure for the protagonist whose primary interactions are with Betty (Amanda Warren) helping out. Emily to come up with a design for her ideal writing dress.

An executive producer herself alongside Smith, Steinfeld shares, “It was so cool to have this moment with Alena,” referring to the writer’s directorial debut. “Alena has been so connected to everyone [episode], to all of us actors, and to writing. In a way, as a creator, showrunner, and screenwriter, she kind of steered us in these unofficial, directorial ways.

Even with Smith’s hands-on approach, says Steinfeld, “having him in the director’s chair for our season finale was such a complete moment.” And this looping experience can certainly be compared to Emily’s journey on the show as the show ends in a beach scene.

Dickinson Season 3 Hailee Steinfeld

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Pulling on her white dress, Emily rows to a rocky shore where mermaids beckon, ready to explore the unknown through a medium she knows so well: writing. “I loved the way Alena chose to end this,” Steinfeld recalls. “I remember thinking, ‘Okay, how is this thing going to end? What will be the time of the end? ‘ “

Rather than feeling like a book is closing, it’s like a new one is opening, and that’s something Steinfeld admires. “Our season finals [for 1 and 2] It was like the last hurray, ”recalls the actress. “It’s incredibly hopeful. We end this show about Emily looking to the future, looking on the horizon at all the poems she hasn’t written yet and this person she hasn’t yet. become.

It’s a good note that Steinfeld is happy to leave her character as she shares Emily, “to know that at the end of it all, she still has so much to give, so much life in her and so much thoughts and ideas and experiences now … [you know] his imagination will never stop spinning. It is really very hopeful.

After a season filled with the horrors of Civil War at home and on the battlefield, we’ll follow Emily into this much sunnier horizon.

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