Disney Cruise Lines makes a major change for families


As many people who love cruises already know, going on one has been a pretty cautious endeavor since covid hit the US in 2020.

While strict pandemic-fueled restrictions have slowly eased over the past two years as vaccines have spread, cruise lines still need to tread carefully. Royal Caribbean (RCL ) went up to suspend several of its cruises in January 2022 due to covid concerns eg.

That said, the general trend in cruises now seems to be relaxing these once-rigid regulations. Carnival Cruise Lines (CCA) removed pre-cruise testing requirements for its vaccinated guests, and it now also allows unvaccinated guests to sail.

Royal Caribbean (RCL) also reiterated its requirements, allowing vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers to sail as long as they meet testing requirements, which vary by destination.

And while Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) hasn’t dropped all of its covid regulations yet, it’s about to arrive on September 3rd.

Now, Disney Cruise Line also has a change to make, and a change that sailing families will be very happy to hear.

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What’s changing at Disney Cruise Line?

The Disney Cruise Line website has changed its covid policies which will go into effect September 2, according to Disney Food Blog. From this date, only passengers aged 12 and over will need to be fully vaccinated to sail.

However, the site also states that Disney Cruise Line strongly recommends that passengers 11 and under be fully vaccinated before boarding.

It should be noted that all Disney cruises still require potential guests to provide proof of a negative covid test taken two days prior to the cruise in order to embark. If this test is not provided, passengers will need to take it before boarding.

Disney Cruise Line is still riding the wave of being named Travel & Leisure Magazine’s “Best Large-Ship Cruise” for 2022, and the company is sure to see an influx of new passengers eager to try its cruises because of it.

However, some have also complained about Disney Cruise Line’s recent increase in suggested gratuity rates on its cruises, which are now an additional dollar per day per cabin passenger and are automatically added to passenger accounts while on their cruise. The raise will go to the main server, assistant server and the cabin host who tends to the guest cabins.

This practice began on the Disney Wish and is expected to be rolled out to other Disney Cruise Line ships as well. Similar increases have also been seen on other major cruise lines. While pinching inflation is hardly news in a year when everything from gas to groceries is more expensive, just think of it as a way to better take care of people who are doing their best. to take care of you.


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