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For any Optimist regatta, or Olympic class regatta, or just about any regatta where a professional crew is present, dock space for the trainer boats is required. The proliferation of support on the water doesn’t make sports more affordable, but it’s also not a big deal when you’re the richest person in the world. In this report from Denison Yachting, they provide an update on how the profits of online shopping are spent:

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has reportedly ordered a 127-meter (417-foot) sailboat called Project Y721 with this record-breaking new yacht that will make its official debut in 2022.

A black hull with classic exterior lines supports one of the longest yachts built in the Netherlands. Interior details of the project are still under wraps, but the exterior will contain three masts and a bowsprit with plenty of deck space.

The Y721 project is expected to be the largest sailing ship in the world. The current holder of this title is a 109-meter Krupp Germaniawerft delivered in 1931.

Bezos’ new yacht is valued at over $ 500 million, making it one of the most expensive boats in the world. Topping the list is the 531-foot ECLIPSE, currently valued at $ 1.2 billion and the third-largest yacht in the world. It is owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich.

It’s not uncommon for ultra-high net worth, like Bezos, to own a yacht. But the caveat to this new construction project is that, because of the sail masts, his yacht cannot support a helipad. He therefore also ordered a second support yacht capable of accommodating a helicopter landing.

While motherships and their support ships are not uncommon, news of her superyacht in need of a smaller yacht has made its way onto the late-night talk show circuit:

“The founder of Amazon is said to be building a $ 500 million superyacht that’s so big it requires a support yacht to travel with it. It’s like the billionaire version of having a second refrigerator in your garage. – Jimmy kimmel

“The truth is, Bezos didn’t really need the support yacht, but Amazon did one of those upsells where they go, ‘People who buy that buy that, too.’” – James corden

“Today we learned that Bezos will soon be receiving delivery of a $ 500 million mega-yacht. I don’t know exactly when it will be delivered, but we do know it will come in a much bigger box. Stephane Colbert

As Amazon has a climate pledge to be zero carbon by 2040 and is on track to power its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025, someone should tell Bezos that a typical superyacht kept on standby generates around 7,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The Guardian also reports that the richest 1% of the world’s population produces 15% of the world’s carbon emissions. So although his company is committed and invested in sustainability, his personal commitment is somewhat less.


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