Does a VPN protect you online?


It is not safe to surf the web without any protection these days. Your personal information may be disclosed while surfing the web in a public WIFI location. People know this and now they start using VPN every time they are connected to the internet. However, the question arises that the VPN might not be completely secure as it claims.

How does a VPN secure a connection?

Adguard VPN secures your internet connection by encrypting the data you download. It will protect your data from snooping by hackers and your ISP. VPN uses strong encryption technology like IP Security (IPSec) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to establish the secure tunnel. No one can know what you are doing when traffic is going through this tunnel. A good VPN has a transparent policy on how they treat your logs. They will frequently monitor the server and resolve any issues that arise.

Normally, without a VPN, internet traffic will go through the ISP. Your ISP will provide you with an IP address. If you are using a VPN, internet traffic will be directed through the VPN server. When people follow you, they will only see the IP address assigned by the VPN provider. The VPN can hide your internet traffic from the ISP so that people cannot see your web browsing activity. Get more details on

Is the VPN secure?

Lately, there have been reports of data leaks and government eavesdropping of internet users’ data. This is the reason many people sign up for VPN. However, it’s important to remember that even the best VPN has security holes, and your IP address can be leaked if something goes wrong with its server. For example, the Hotspot Shield service encountered a security issue where hackers can locate the location from which users are accessing the VPN. If the hacker has this information, he can find you quickly. You can read the reviews to find a provider that has a proven track record of providing secure VPN services with no leaks.

No log policy

It’s important to sign up with a VPN that has a no-logging policy. No logs means that the service provider does not collect any data that is uploaded to the web. Your contact details will not be saved when you surf the web online or download anything from the web. You should review the Terms of Service to see if the logs are deleted immediately or deleted periodically after a certain period of time. The terms of the agreement will also reveal whether they will disclose certain information about users.

Multifactor authentication

A good VPN will have a multi-factor authentication feature when connecting. With multi-factor authentication, you not only have to enter a password, but you also have to enter a code which is an SMS on your phone. This is to ensure that only authorized people access the VPN.

Avoid using a free VPN

If you are concerned about privacy, you should avoid choosing a free VPN. When choosing a paid VPN, be sure to select one that offers a lot of bandwidth. It should also have many server locations. You can download the free trial to test the performance of the VPN before purchasing. VPN performance may vary depending on where you connect to. If the place where you live is close to an endpoint, you may come across a VPN that is performing poorly because it will be constantly overloaded.

Many people have used VPN services to download files from torrent sites and other platforms that encourage file sharing. Many streaming sites don’t want to make certain videos available in a particular region. If you are using a VPN, you can unlock these videos and watch them without any problem. Before using a VPN, be sure to consider the price. The cost is cheaper when you sign up for a longer term.


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