Driftline on ‘Shark Tank’: How much does it cost, who are the founders and all about men’s water sportswear


If you love all things water, you know that the right swimsuit is essential for enjoying water sports. You need something lightweight and durable that will survive all the wear and tear you put it through. Unfortunately, few brands can meet these standards. However, a brand is here to change that: Driftline!

But, as Driftline has braved the waters, will that be enough to impress Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and Daymond John?


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What is Driftline?

If you’re looking for men’s swimwear that won’t disappoint, Driftline has you covered. According to the brand, “Driftline creates innovative, patent-pending sports apparel designed for maximum performance in all water sports. Our products aim to fill a void in aquatic apparel by giving you the right gear to conquer the water. with comfort.”

Who are the founders?

Wes Horbatuck and Greg Orfe are the founders of Driftline. As mentioned on the site, the brand was born out of necessity. “We realized that these multi-season transition periods in the water are not only problematic for surfers here in San Diego, but also for wakeboarders, swimmers, kayakers and many other water sports athletes across the world. We tried every solution, but none of them seemed to provide the necessary comfort, warmth or friction protection,” the duo said.

“That’s when the idea for Drifties™ was born – a specialized inner liner of wetsuit material, connected to a sleek outer shell of boardshorts – giving us ideal support and flexibility of movement. This two- in-one option fills the transitional void and provides watersports athletes with comfortable, durable and functional wearable gear to help overcome the challenges ahead,” they explained.

In a chat with Shoutout Social, Horbatuck explained that his family was his driving force. “When you start a business, you will undoubtedly have to lean on certain people. But when you lean on yourself, you have to ask yourself: will these people allow me to continue to support me, will they let me down or push me away? them if I can stand on my own two feet? he said. “My cry belongs to my parents, my sister and my girlfriend. From being a constant support system, to standing in for vendors at events, to literally helping to sew a product together when we had issues, they were there,” he added.

What is the price and where to buy?

The brand’s signature Wetsuit Lined boardshorts start at $89 and can be purchased from the brand’s website. According to the description, these shorts are “specifically designed for watersports, our patent pending 0.5mm neoprene lined boardshorts will provide the comfort and protection you’ve been waiting for in the water. Featuring our improved 3.0 features, Stay sleek and stylish with the style we’ve all been waiting for – our new black-on-black boxer shorts.”

They come with “laser cut ventilation holes, DWR coating, key loop, dipped drawcords”. The brand certainly seems to have developed a following and garnered largely positive reviews. One customer wrote, “I was looking for a sturdier trunk that protects, adds warmth, and feels great and comfortable right away. These checked every box and then some!!! I bought a second pair right away! sold everywhere. American made, perfect design, thank you guys!!!”

Another happy customer added, “I live on my sailboat off the coast of Florida. I make my living cleaning the bottom of boats and being in the water. Black dinghies are great because I can get in and out of water all day and they keep me comfortable.I bought 2 pairs of black because I wear them so often even though they dry really quickly.They hold up really well and I will have more for my longest excursion.

Another reviewer mentioned: “Learning to surf and trying to figure out when to wear what. Tried to go out in a full wetsuit a few weeks ago and thought I was going to die it was so hot. J Found a middle ground with drifties and a rash guard. Super soft, very high quality neoprene. Keeps you warm where you want to be and helps you stay out longer. Highly recommend. However, it didn’t improve my surfing skills.”

Where is Driftline now?

Driftline has certainly been making waves on social media as they continue to stay active on their channels. The brand was recently part of the RinseKit® Portable Showers Creators and Innovators series, where their work and story was highlighted as shared in the following post: “As founders, we are often in situations where we work with creatives to help promote and showcase Driftline We have a brand – they’re creatives – it’s time to do something cool together Sometimes it’s great to have the roles reversed and work with someone who thinks of us as creatives. That’s exactly what @rinsekitusa is doing with their latest series of creators and innovators. RinseKit is a lot like Driftline because they’ve created a unique product for thrill seekers in outdoors. Their outdoor portable shower is always in our car ready to clean me or my gear after a surf, paddle or sail. We recently had the pleasure of sitting and and share our story with them. Here is a small insight into our spirit and daily life as waterman, outdoorman and founder.

Who will steal the deal?

Seeing that the brand falls under clothing, there is a good chance that Daymond John is the one who bites the bait.

“Shark Tank” Season 13 Episode 23 airs on ABC on May 13, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET. Watch the latest episode featuring products like Stryx, Driftline, Chill n Reel and Springer.

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