Dry Sunday but heavy storms possible Sunday evening with a dry week ahead


Rip currents, high waves on otherwise pleasant sea and sand forecast

It will be a dry and even a little summery Sunday with highs close to 80. However, a strong cold front will trigger strong storms in the evening, with destructive winds not excluded. The coming week promises to be dry. I’m still tracking Ian in the Caribbean.

Joseph Martucci

Sunday morning will see mostly cloudy skies. It won’t be as cold as the last two, feeling more seasonal for late September. That means 50 years for many of us, with a few 40s tucked away in the Pine Barrens.

A warm front which will be to our south at the start of the day will be responsible for the clouds. Once it rises towards the end of the morning, however, the sky will clear. Winds will shift to the southwest and become gusty, 15-20 mph sustained with gusts near 30.

We will warm up accordingly. Sunday highs are expected to be in the upper 70s just about everywhere. Waves will be down on the ocean and bays, although there is always a risk of rip currents. Only swim in the ocean where lifeguards say it is safe to do so.

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As we move into the evening a cold front will approach from the west. This will bring a window of showers and thunderstorms between 6 p.m. and midnight.

The main threat during this time will be damaging winds. However, small hail can also fall in any storm. It will be a good idea to cut down hanging tree branches and pick up loose items when you have time on Sundays. Also have a way to receive weather warnings at night.

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Joseph Martucci

While we will take the rain, it will not be enough to end the drought we have in much of the region. A few places will see more than an inch into the heart of the storm, but most will see well below.

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The rest of the night will see westerly winds and dry air. Temperatures will fall from the upper 50 degrees to the lower 60 degrees when we kick off the last week of September on Monday.

Seven episodes, Seven journeys on the promenade, Seven journeys on the pavements and bridges. Joe Martucci has taken to the beaches and bays throughout the summer to cover the people, places and events that keep the coast going during the summer. Thanks for watching all summer. After the cold thaw and clouds turned to sunshine, Joe will be back next summer for another THE SEASON tour at The Press of Atlantic City.

The cold front will be gone, but we will be under the parent low pressure system Monday through Wednesday. The result will be a steady offshore breeze (but nothing strong) and at least a fairly cloudy day. It’s a classic “cool” seasonal setup, and that constant cool air isn’t that far off.

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I believe we will see more cloud than sun on Monday as a bit of rotation, or vorticity, at about 20,000 feet high. It will be a mild day, with highs well into the 70s.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be pretty much the same. Expect a mix of sun and cloud. A westerly wind will maintain conditions in coastal and inland towns not far away. Dew points will be in the crisp, dry 40s. High temperatures will be between 70 and 75 degrees from Brigantine to Buena.

The next possible period of significant weather will be next weekend. Expected to be a major hurricane early next week, Ian could bring anything from dangerous waves to heavy rain and gusty winds. It is simply too early to tell. Come back on Tuesday, and I’ll provide you with the most likely scenario.

Finally, Atlantic City International Airport dropped to 40 degrees on Saturday morning. It was our coldest trough since May 1 and our first oldest 40 degree trough since 2013.

Senator Frank S. Farley State Marina had dropped to 49 degrees as this was written. It wasn’t as impressive at the domestic airport, but it was still the coolest morning since May 9.

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