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Margo Oxendine

Tommy Price, President of the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival®, is pleased to announce that Margo Oxendine will be the guest speaker for the Ladies Horticultural Luncheon presented by Spring Arbor Assisted Living.

Margo was born in Arlington, Virginia. She was quite happy in the “big city”. But, when she was seven years old, her State Trooper father decided to move the family to Bath County in the mountains of western Virginia. What a culture shock for Margo! His classmates had friendships or kinship ties that they had formed since birth. Margo was no match for them, and they let her know! It wasn’t until high school that Margo unleashed her acting gene, inherited from her father. Then she discovered that the way to make friends was to make them laugh.

After majoring in theater at Virginia Commonwealth University, Oxendine found herself on a getaway to Key West, Florida. There she wandered on a replica of a Spanish galleon and soon found employment with Mel Fisher’s Treasure Salvors. She spent five years diving for treasure in the Gulf of Mexico, helping to save the sunken Spanish galleon “Atocha”. It was a huge adventure. It also earned Margo her first writing assignment: a biography of Fisher for a he-man magazine called “Argosy.” She continued to write and was even among the first small group of Americans allowed to enter Fidel Castro’s Cuba, on assignment for People magazine.

It wasn’t enough. She joined a local comedy troupe which was very successful on the island.

So why not move to San Francisco? She did it. But comic writing quickly gave way to “real” writing for magazines.

A serious riding accident sent Margo ill back to County Bath, where she recovered and began writing for the local newspaper, The Recorder. Today, she writes columns for two newspapers and a magazine, Cooperative Living, seen throughout Virginia. She has also written a musical, “Over Here, Over There”, and a PBS documentary, “Back Roads to Bath”.

Now supposedly “retired”, she spends her time writing, reading and walking in the woods. She traded shark sightings on the islands for bear sightings in the forest. She’ll take the bears over the sharks any day!

The Ladies Horticultural Luncheon will be held at Millwood Station Banquet Hall located at 252 Costello Drive on Friday, April 29, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Tickets are $35.00. Please call the Festival office at (540) 662-3863 for ticket information.


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