Establishment of a computer business center


A computer business center is an office where you do secretarial and administrative work that may be related to record keeping and documenting records. A computer business center in Nigeria is also known as copy shops. They render services to individuals, schools, offices, institutions and administrative agencies on matters relating to record keeping, filing, Internet browsing, printing, laminating, scanning and to online registrations.

The initial capital

Speaking on this, Ms Badaru Damilola, a business center retailer in Lagos, said the business is a very lucrative investment that gives you maximum return on your investment to recoup your investment capital in the six months due to the large production and the profit margin that is achieved from the business transaction on a daily basis.

She further notes that the business is capital intensive in terms of purchasing the equipment needed to start the business. This requires the rental of office space and the purchase of equipment such as: copier, scanner, desktop computer, laptop, table, drawer, generator, toner, letter opener and payment of an Internet subscription. monthly.

She reveals that due to the high costs of purchasing equipment in the market and paying for office space, it will cost around 1 million naira to set up the investment. She added that if one can bear the pain of starting the business, it would be worth it because it is a lucrative and profitable investment.

Important tips

Location plays an important role in this line of business. It would be best located near or inside educational institutions, large government institutions or near a neighborhood with office buildings.

Rental fees

To start this business, you need an office space for rent or a store inside a complex or shopping mall where there are busy activities. Usually the rent for a store would start from N120,000 to N150,000.

Essential services

The following essential services expected from a computer business center include: photocopying, spiral binding, printing, disc burning, document scanning, Internet services, use of computers.

Expected profit margin

There is potential for growth in this business and a good number of profit margins are expected daily from the operational services that are performed in the business center and these sales are recorded daily.

Ms Badaru has revealed that she earns at least N15,000 per day from photocopying documents, laminating, spiral binding and typing. Other services involving this line of business include: the massive influx of online registrations of students, job seekers, NYSC / JAMB registrations and retirees who use these services for various activities.


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