Fans call Dr. Kim Nichols the worst guest


The Parsifal III crew were unlucky in BDSY Season 3 with another set of demanding charter guests. Dr. Kim Nichols turns out to be the worst.

Move over Erica Rose – Dr. Kim Nichols has officially won the title of worst charter guest ever Sailboat under the bridge season 3. Erica Rose chartered Parsifal III for the first time in Sailboat under the bridge season 2, with his girlfriends and his mother. Guests quickly put the crew to work asking inside to unpack all their luggage and wait for them feet and fists. Erica returned this season, this time with her husband Charles Sanders, her mother and some friends. Charles proved to be demanding and spoiled, complaining about food and throwing tantrums when he didn’t get what he wanted. Erica made the situation worse when they left the crew of Parsifal III with the worst tip in Under the bridge the story.

the Sailboat under the bridge The Season 3 cast members were relieved to see Erica and her group step off the boat. Following the trying charter, the crew of the Parsifal III had fairly easy guests. However, Stew Chef Daisy Kelliher knew their final primary would be a handful when she asked to be addressed by Dr Nichols on her preference sheet. Sure enough, when the dermatologist and her group arrived, they asked Daisy to straighten all of their many clothes. Dr. Nichols’ husband Chris and his friend asked for Bloody Marys with bacon and grilled shrimp, only to complain that they weren’t big enough.

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Dr. Nichols and his guests asked the Parsifal III team to present their demands. They asked for drink refills halfway through, while each asked for different types of ice cream. Chris asked Daisy for a drink called a “Transfusion,” which requires grape juice as an ingredient. When Daisy informed him that they had no grape juice, he kept pestering her about it. Exasperated, Daisy finally crushed grapes in a blender, then strained the juice. twitter user Valbus Crumbledore lamented, “Just when I think #BelowDeckSailingYacht can’t have any more nasty guests, these people show up.”

After dinner, guests wanted to dance to music and kept demanding service while Daisy tried to plug in the speakers. One of the drunken guests offered Daisy 100 euros and when she refused he threw it on her chest. A ton Under the bridge a fan tweeted, “He. Threw. Money. To. Marguerite.” Viewers couldn’t believe how well the guests acted and many had already predicted that they would leave a bad tip.

Guests will be back in the next Sailboat under the bridge episode, and it looks like they don’t behave any better. They have a dinner scheduled for 10 p.m., which Marcos Spaziani was diligently preparing. He knew that if the guests didn’t like his food, Daisy and her only stew, Ashley Marti, would hear it from them. However, when Daisy went to check on the main charter guest, Chris asked for dinner to be served at 11 p.m., which delayed everything. The episode ends with Daisy frustrated and ready to throw the guests overboard.

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Source: Valbus Crumbledore/Twitter

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