French accused of ‘ruining summer vacation’ with four-hour queues at Dover


Another said: “Sitting in the lanes waiting to get to border control. No movement.”

A railway manager had to pay £400 to travel to Germany with his elderly mother amid long queues.

John Till, 45, and his mother, Edna Johnson, 87, were due to travel to the Port of Dover this afternoon from West Dorset, but reports of long queues prompted him to do other projects.

He told the PA news agency: “I saw that people had already been queuing for four hours. I’m taking my elderly mother to see friends in Germany, so I have a very long journey from there. other side when we arrive.

“I couldn’t risk being stuck in a queue for four hours without a toilet and the horrible car ride on the other side, so at half past four this morning I took the quick decision to book a new trip with Brittany Ferries and travel from Poole Port which is much more expensive.”

He said the changes cost him £400 but he had ‘no choice’ but to make them because the trip had been in the works for ‘a very long time’ and there was ‘no means that I let my mother down”.

Ferries sail without passengers

The bottleneck at French border controls has left ferry operators no choice but to sail with almost no passengers on board.

“Canterbury Pride is virtually empty,” tweeted Ian Hartwright.

Chaotic scenes in Dover will bring further misery to British travellers, who have suffered from months of airport disruption. The train strikes, the continuation of which is due to take place next week, have ruined the plans of many.


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