Garmin brings new features and bug fixes to Instinct 2 and Instinct 2S with Alpha update version 10.05


Garmin has released a new Alpha version update for Instinct 2 and Instinct 2S on its beta program. Rolling out as dedicated zip files for the Instinct 2 and Instinct 2S, the update moves the pair from v9.27 to v10.05, a version change that implies Garmin has made major changes to the over the past few weeks. Please note that Garmin does not automatically provide Alpha updates through the Beta program. Instead, you must manually download and install the appropriate update for your smartwatch, which Garmin has included in its corresponding forum post.

According to the same article, v10.05 brings ten major changes over v9.27. On the one hand, the company added Surf, Windsurf and Kiteboard activities and the Tides app. Additionally, the update enables app-specific notification icons for the Garmin Jr. and Garmin Messenger apps, as well as additional course point icons for new Garmin Connect course point types. Additionally, Garmin claims that v10.05 adds a setting for the behavior of the backlight when a key is pressed during sleep and improves the delay when recording an activity.

On the other hand, V10.05 also fixes an issue that could cause a device to hang when pausing and resuming a search activity. Additionally, the update addresses another issue that caused the Instinct 2 or Instinct 2S to hang on the “Transferring” message when starting a sync. Finally, the HRV bar should no longer draw inconsistently on different pages. Separately, v10.05 introduces a new set of secure_config.gcd files. You can read more about V10.05 and the new configuration files in Garmin’s forum post.


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