Indian Sailing Team at Olympic Games: Indian Sailing Team finalizing new boats ahead of Tokyo Games


Indian sailing team finalizes new boats in Tokyo | Courtesy of: @ Tokyo2020hi | Photo credit: Twitter

Chennai: The Indian sailing team in Tokyo is preparing their new boats ahead of the Olympics, a senior Yachting Association of India (YAI) official said.

He also said that the beds provided in their rooms were made of wood and food was not a problem.

“The team stays not far from the practice site. The wind is light. The wind conditions there are fluctuating. If the wind is light, it is advantageous for the light people”, Ashok R. Thakkar, vice-president, said IANS.

According to him, the outlook for sailors depends on the wind conditions that day.

Thakkar’s son Varun Thakkar is also part of the Indian Sailing Team now in Tokyo, Japan.

“The Indian team trained for about three hours in the waters. They also do physical exercises,” Thakkar added.

According to him, the team is developing its new boats.

“They had trained with their old boats. But they could not take their old boats to Tokyo for logistical reasons during the Covid-19”, he added.

Asked about the accommodation provided there for the team he said it is good and unlike what is in the news the beds provided for the sailing team are made of wood and not cardboard.

“After reading the reports, I asked about it. I was told that the camp bed is made of wood and the bed is good,” Thakkar said.

As for food, the sailors have been out of India for a large part of the year and this is not a problem for them.

“The availability or non-availability of Indian food is not a problem for members of the sailing team,” Thakkar said.

The Indian Olympic Sailing Team consists of Varun Thakkar, KCGanapathy, Vishnu Saravanan and Nethra Kumanan.

According to Varun and Ganapathy, sailing, unlike other sports disciplines, does not have several events to win, such as a freestyle swimmer can swim 100 meters 500 meters and so on and likewise an athlete can run 100 meters 400 meters, etc.

It is noteworthy that it was not until 2021 that Indian sailors qualified for the Olympics and will participate as a qualified athlete, because to date all entries have been made through wild entries. card or quota slots. Asia has a place in every class of sailing with Japan being the host country, they said.

Prior to the Olympics, Varun and Ganapathy had won the Mussanah Open Championship held in April.

“So far in the senior classes, no civilian has shown such performance in the sport of sailing in the adult / senior classes, it is always the armed forces that have dominated the senior classes in sailing,” said Varun.

He said that he and his sailing partner Ganapathy have played and won the national championships and to clarify a few events during the selection trials for the Asian Games we came first in all races and there were a total of 14 entries. and one civilian and the others were all armed forces.


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