María Chacón in a swimsuit shares a mirror selfie


María Chacón is one of the most successful Latin actresses. She is known for her work in Cabo, Peregrine, and Se Rentán Cuantos. Chacon isn’t afraid to show off his body on social media either. She just posted a new photo on her Instagram story. In it, Chacón posed in front of a mirror wearing a purple and pink halter swimsuit top and a dark pink shawl. She captioned the photo, “Rebequita.” How does she stay in shape? Read on to see 5 ways María Chacón stays fit and the photos that prove they work — and to get yourself beach-ready, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

María Chacón spends a lot of time at the beach. One thing she likes to do is swim. She shares lots of photos on Instagram of herself in the water. shared chacon this photo of herself floating in the ocean, during a trip to Nassau. She captioned it “Happy as a clam.” “One study compared blood pressure, cholesterol levels, peak energy output and other measures of cardiovascular health in nearly 46,000 walkers, runners, swimmers and couch potatoes. Swimmers and runners had the best numbers, followed fairly closely by walkers. As you might expect, people who didn’t exercise had the highest resting weights and heart rates, as well as the worst cholesterol levels and overall fitness,” says Harvard Health.

Swimming isn’t the only activity Chacón likes to do at the beach. She also likes to surf. shared chacon these photos on Instagram of herself with a board in Puerto Escondido. She captioned it, “Good vibes only.”

Chacón spends a lot of time outdoors. She likes to do lots of outdoor activities to stay in shape. One thing Chacón enjoys doing is hiking. she posted this reel on Instagram of herself walking up to a waterfall. She captioned it, “Girls you are magical. We went to see the Velo de Novia waterfall in El Chiflon in Chiapas.”Another benefit of hiking can be the restorative and stress-busting power of being outdoors in nature. A number of small studies suggest that spending time in green spaces – nature reserves, forests and even city parks – can alleviate people’s stress levels. Given the growing consensus that stress contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease risk, anything you can do to alleviate stress is likely helpful. In this area, the benefits of hiking remain anecdotal, but outdoor enthusiasts tend to agree,” says Harvard Health.

Chacón makes sure to hit the gym. One thing she likes to do is ride a stationary bike. She shared this photo on Instagram of herself using the gear. Chacón captioned it, “It’s never too late to start new challenges.” Cycling is a good form of cardio exercise.

Maria Chacon/Instagram

Chacón makes sure to eat healthy. However, she doesn’t like to deprive herself of her favorite indulgences. shared chacon this photo on Instagram of herself enjoying dessert at a restaurant. She encouraged her followers to have cheat days in the caption. “Life is short. Eat dessert first.


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