Maritime activity in Port Qasim


KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – July 26, 2022): Five vessels, namely Chang Young, EemsliftDafne, Lana, Diyala and CMA CGM Thames carrying palm oil, general cargo and containers, moored at the terminal of liquid cargo, at the multi-purpose terminal and Qasim International Container Terminal respectively on Monday.

Meanwhile, two other ships, the Maersk Atlanta and the MSC Susanna carrying “containers”, also arrived at the port’s outer anchorage on Tuesday morning.

A total of 07 vessels have been committed to PQA docks in the past 24 hours, among them, 03 other vessels, Diyala, CMA CGM Thames and JabalHarim left the port on Tuesday morning, and a container ship, ‘Lana’ is expected sailing today in the afternoon.

A cargo throughput of 70,293 tonnes, comprising 47,768 tonnes of imported cargo and 22,525 tonnes of exported cargo, including containerized cargo carried in 2,998` containers (1,673 TEU import and 1,325 TEU outbound). export) has been processed at the port within the last 24 hours.

There are 11 ships in Outer Anchorage from Port Qasim, of which 03 ships, ElgiznurCebi, Maersk Atlanta and MSC Susanna and 02 other ships, Wide Hotel and Star Subaru carrying steel products, containers and coal are expected to take place at MW- 1 , QICT and GDPT on Tuesday.


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