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Posted on Thu, 07 Oct 2021

My coaching experience

My name is Evelyn Osborne and I am a female sailing coach.
I have been training sailing for 30 years at all levels. My sailing career has been continuous from a very young age until today, I have participated in national and international events in GP14 and Laser.
My first sailing experience was at the Victoria Lake Club (VLC) on Dabchicks then Sprogs. Already at the age of 16, I was already helping to coach children in summer camps.

I started training at the Benoni Sailing Club now held at VLC. I trained many children for the annual inter-school regatta, reinstated. In 1993 I started my first sailing school and I coached there until 2006. I have coached mainly school children and many have been successful in world sailing events, world championships and the Olympics. . Stefano Marcia is one of the youngsters I thought about sailing with and now he’s a very successful one.
Another project we worked on was to supervise disabled children from Murial Brand school, 10 children per class, a whole morning, with teachers and nurses present for 3 years, every week in Benoni. The main purpose of this project was to give children a sense of accomplishment and independence.

From 1998 to 2006, I worked on another project to coach previously disadvantaged children, which was a great success. All the children were able to navigate and participate in the inter-school, Gypsys, Dabchicks and Optimists events. This project at St Francis School was the main source of sailors, where there were 10 girls who all did well. At the end of 2006, I moved to the George Lakes Yacht Club. I started my sailing school called Super Sail, at the George Lakes Yacht Club. It got better and became more active.

I currently offer private sailing lessons for Adults during the season. Ladies who run the courses include mothers of children being coached. One on one, which normally joins the club and sails at the club. There is a disadvantaged primary education program, where they attend classes for 6 months of the year, from January to April and from September to November. The most recent group was made up of half-daughters. I also run a high school program, where disadvantaged learners join all learners at George High School. Many top sailors in this group have been successful in national events and world championships. The second group in elementary school is a high performance group, on the Optimists, where most of these kids compete in national championships. I normally take 20 Sailors to the National Youth Championships each year, in their different classes, Lasers, Optimists, Dabchicks, Teras and Mirrors. Classes take place 4 days a week, in 6 separate groups. Sunday Club race for all.

The most recent course consisted of 3 months of intensive coaching for 11 top optimistic sailors, who were placed on Teras and trained to the high performance level for the Tera Worlds, to be held at Pine Lake Marina in the South Cape. This training prepares sailors for the best global event of their career. They were all top level sailors who all competed overseas in various events. Unfortunately, we lost this opportunity. A week before the event, there was the Covid-19 containment. They were ready to lift the trophies. Developing sailors who also sailed for South Africa in China, Euros Horne, Kyle Koeries, Thomas Lawa and Jean Paul Buys. Sean Vonk was also on one of those teams.

The most exciting program is the current acceptance of three GLYC sailors, Ashley Layland, James Vonk and Kyle Koeries, now part of the Sports Academy, from Oudtshoorn. With the Academy and biokinetics, they are training for the coming season. All three are on Lasers, Kyle and Ashley on 4.7, and James on Radial. A very important aspect of coaching at GLYC involves the training of instructors, coaches, assistant coaches, level 1 instructors, level 2 instructors and the development of successful coaches is a priority for our school. sailing.

Motorboat and safety boat lessons are also held regularly. Sailors are trained before passing the CoC, to ensure a high quality of Sailors going for their certificates. This is to ensure the continuity of a regular flow of qualified coaches so that the sailing school remains a good option for careers. A large number of sailors (10) have also qualified in the last 2 years for keelboat licenses, in order to enrich knowledge on a broader basis. This will help the sailing school to continue with qualified and competent coaches. Young seafarers are also gaining experience on the international stage, and many of them have literally sailed around the world.

I hope this background will help you understand the ethics, enthusiasm, quality coaching and fun created by the George Lakes Sailing School, Super Sail Wilderness.



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