NewsAngle Celebrates 150th Edition – Surf Coast Times


Four decades of publishing the Anglesea Community House (ACH) was marked by the printing of its 150th issue of NewsAngle.

Starting life as a 16-page A5 black and white publication in August 1989 – produced on a typewriter – the local news source has grown into a 40-page color quarterly magazine that can also be read online .

“It started out as a way to share news on a small scale with the local community, as a place where we like to post stories about people we know…people they know, but maybe not so okay,” said ACH coordinator Marcelle Renkin.

Although the format may have evolved, the content and focus of the publication remain much the same as 33 years ago.

“It’s a great way to learn about local businesses… well done community groups, keeping people informed about the bowling club, the Lions, how they can get involved,” Ms. Renkin said.

NewsAngle writers Penny Edmanson (back row from left), Jan Morris, Caitlin Buckley, Deb Elliot, Mary Bremner, Miranda Millen, current editor Liz Steele. Melva Stott (front row from left), Liz Clarke, Jenna Crawford.

“Part of it is connecting people…people read things and then see them on the street and say, oh, I read about you.

“We always get a thrill when we get a bit of positive feedback, how it’s managed to evolve over time to meet the needs of the community and managed to keep it as a physical release.”

“Then a lot of the stuff is people who contribute regularly, community groups, etc. advertisers help out a lot,” Ms. Renkin said.

“We are proud that he managed to last this long.”

NewsAnglea is produced by a group of ten unpaid editors.


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