Official forecast Outerknown Tahiti Pro


Strong points

  • Surf slow for the first half of the event window as ENE offshore trade winds prevail
  • The surf is looking to pick up speed in the second half of the event window, possibly 17-19
  • Suspicious conditions in the second half of the window, decent potential for favorable wind periods

Live Cam : Teahupo’o


Minor surf scheduled for the first day of the event window, Thursday 11th. Likely to be OFF with surf mostly around the waist or less for the day, casual SSE sets can reach the chest in the morning. Clean surface conditions all day with NE-ENE offshore wind.

A new but small SSW swell is expected to slowly fill in on Friday the 12th and end Saturday morning the 13th. The inconsistent sets should reach waist and chest height by the end of Friday and continue through the weekend -end. Look for occasional shoulder high waves on Saturday morning. Favorable offshore trade winds from the ENE should prevail.

We’re confident that stronger SW-SSW swells will move into Tahiti next week – with a “fun” initial push developing from late Monday 15th to Tuesday 16th, then a stronger pushing round from Wednesday 17th to Friday. the 19th. Note that this series of swells from the 17th to the 19th can provide a solid double overhead + surf for Teahupo’o, potentially a little bigger on occasion. Storm activity to deliver this fight will build this Friday/Weekend+.

At this point, significant surf looks very promising for the second half of the event window, but local wind conditions are a concern. Models have been all over the place with how the wind will play out next week as they struggle to find a solution to a front sweeping the region during this time. We will likely see a mix of good, bad and medium winds throughout this race, which at the moment it is still very uncertain exactly when those times will be. We will share details over the next few days as more data becomes available.

Possible decent swell bump to watch for also for the last two days of the event window, the weekend of the 20th-21st.

Next update: Before Wednesday evening August 10 (local time)

Event window: August 11-21

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