On the back of unprecedented success, the CEO of the World Surf League takes the opportunity to mock the elderly Dallas Cowboys owner for using outdated technology!



For those who have never been there, the state of California is an incredibly large and extremely diverse slice of land. San Diego to the south feels a different world from Los Angeles which, in turn, feels a different world from San Francisco. Surfing cultures in Orange County, host of the famous World Surf League Finals Day, Santa Cruz, Lemoore, and more. are as different from each other as they are from the surfing cultures of, say, Brittany, France.

One of the least publicized would have to be those who brave the cold waters of northern Humboldt County. The area is very famous for its cultivation of marijuana, more so than for the quality of the waves, but the low population makes it attractive for those who like to paddle alone. However, the intrepid may think twice after a weekend shark seriously injures a lone surfer.

According to local news:

A shark bit a surfer and seriously injured the 31-year-old around 3:30 p.m. Sunday in Centerville Beach, according to the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department and emergency personnel speaking to the scanner.
The FVFD message said: “The patient was transported by City Ambulance to a hospital.”

Emergency personnel speaking on CT said the surfer had a “code 3 trauma” with hemorrhage in his upper thigh which was controlled with a traumatic tourniquet.

The VFD message emphasized: “For [the] memory of our members, we have not had such an incident. This is a reminder that there are many dangers to be aware of when you are at the beach… Be careful.

We wish the surfer a full recovery but don’t you find the “recall” of the volunteer firefighters a bit harsh?

Quite cold?

Surprisingly for Humboldt.

I guess you can never judge a volunteer fire department by its coverage.


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