Online discussion looks at the future of the Oregon coast, examines past dramatic events


Online discussion looks at the future of the Oregon coast, examines past dramatic events

Posted 9/30/21 4:56 PM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection Staff

(Oregon Coast) – An online presentation offered by the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition promises a thought-provoking look at the future of the Oregon Coast using some dramatic incidents in the history of the region.

Author, oceanographer and adventurer Kim McCoy will speak on “The Future of the Coast” on October 6, a free online webinar open to everyone, starting at 7:00 pm. The event is part of the National Conference Series hosted by Oregon Shores. by celebrating the group’s 50th anniversary.

In the presentation, you’ll get a glimpse into what happened when humanity first intervened in the Oregon Coast landscape and consequences such as the Bayocean Spit, which 100 years ago was home to a city of sprawling resort that has been largely swallowed up by the sea.

McCoy is the author of the recent Waves and Beaches: The Powerful Dynamics of Sea and Coast. This is an update to the original Waves and Beaches, by Willard Bascom, a classic of its time, with new information and insight into how climate change is affecting both waves and beaches. .

The presentation will focus on the nature, types and origins of waves; the overall effects of sea level rise; and water use and weather and how they affect us at the beach. The beach-centric discussion will become more regional and address how humans influenced the Columbia River watershed, its origins, and its sediments. The disappearance of the town of Bayocean from the spit surrounding Tillamook Bay (still known as the “Baryocean Spit) will be cited as an example of human-caused coastal change in the past. McCoy will look to the future to examine the coping strategies of many places and how these affect us all in a globalized world.

Kim McCoy’s ocean research began with studies of the surf area. He was, among many other positions, Senior Scientist at NATO in Italy and President of the Marine Technology Society for Ocean Instrumentation. Kim has surveyed beaches and observed waves on all seven continents; swam through the upper Amazon; traveled along the Mekong, Nile and Mississippi deltas; traveled the Australian coast; dived in the Antarctic Ocean (without wetsuit); crossed the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Drake Passage on ships; and sailed a boat from Africa to the Caribbean.

To register for the event, go to this link, or visit the Oregon Shores website, events / talk-changing-shorelines, and find a link there.

For more information, contact Jesse Jones, Oregon Shores Volunteer Coordinator, at (503) 989-7244, [email protected]

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