Palm Springs is cementing its reputation as a place where old people can go to die as the “Fountain of Youth” Coral Mountain Surf Park Concept Killed By City Council!



The World Surf League has released its 2023 Championship Tour schedule but a few days ago, unleashing a torrent of vitriol so full, so downright grumpy from professional surfing fans as to make even the grumpiest of surf journalists blush. The stakes are twofold. Hosting Final’s Day once again at Lower Trestles, giving the world’s greatest surfer, Filipe Toledo, his second crown, yes, but most importantly the reintroduction of Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch Pro.

The float has already hosted two contests, much to the chagrin of…everyone. While great fun to surf, it is absolutely painful to watch, pure torture, and professional surfing enthusiasts rejoiced when it disappeared last year.

But he’s back and raging.

RAGE against this machine.

Being serious about my craft, however, the aforementioned grumpy surf journalism, I intended to find just one positive perspective on the Surf Ranch Pro, digging through hundreds and hundreds of reviews, thousands even, on the generally lukewarm platform of the World Surf League, on the CEO. That of Erik Logan, that of competition manager Jessi Miley-Dyer but nothing.

Not a ray of light.

So you can imagine my utter shock when visiting BeachGrit’s uncrowded Instagram page, earlier today, I came across the one, only happy catch.

Joao Luna, who writes as jpluna05, wrote, “I don’t understand all the buzz about the surf ranch. Such a great place for fans, sponsors and more. It’s just one stop there FFS! The pool can be such an important part of social inclusion, especially in places away from the ocean, but it needs to be widely publicized to impact thousands of people in the future. Now I think the format can be changed to add a bit more action to it. Some behavior like a local trying to keep their beach spot untouchable. Losers.

Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch Pro, a beacon of ethical responsibility!

I can’t wait for Logan and Miley-Dyer from the World Surf League to stumble upon this post and get it right.

Plant justice in the desert.


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