Pokémon Unite: Best Slowbro build for 2022


Pokémon Unite has a handful of defenders that players can choose to bring into battle. Here is the best version of Slowbro for the Nintendo MOBA in 2022.

In pokemon unite, players can choose from a class of defenders, including Kanto’s Slowbro. The Water/Psychic-type Pokémon is a powerful force in the Nintendo MOBA, as its self-healing skills and crowd control abilities make it one of the best support tanks in the free game. However, players looking to master Slowpoke and its evolution will need to configure the Slowbro build to become the ultimate defender in Pokemon Union.

Slowbro’s build has changed a lot since the MOBA’s initial launch in 2021. Online multiplayer has seen some major moves after several patches introduced a series of nerfs to various Pokémon and mechanics. Initially, players used held items such as Rocky Helmet and Shell Bell to give Slowbro more damage and health when encountering enemies, but the meta changed with a patch released in December 2021.

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As detailed by the official pokemon unite website, version update improved Slowbro’s Scald attack. As a result, the patch created two viable build types for the Defender. This dual strategy was a big departure from the number of players who played the Pokémon in the MOBA’s first year. Instead of relying on held items to boost defender health, players have started using the Potion Battle item which heals a substantial amount of health when combined with Slowbro’s “Oblivious” passive ability.

Best Slowbro build for Pokemon Unite

The Best Slowbro Build pokemon unite focuses on transforming the Defender into a Tank. While the items held have been controversial in the past with many pokemon unite players Calling them pay-to-win, users will want to use the feature to reach Slowbro’s full defensive potential. The Tank build relies on using the Score Shield to help Slowbro score points and the Buddy Barrier, which gives the Pokemon an extra shield after using Telekinesis. Because the Unite move will be used to stun the strongest player on the other team, the health buff protects Slowbro, who becomes vulnerable when using the move.

For most of the match, players will use Surf to disrupt opponents’ goals as the wave of movement knocks enemies up. The Special can also be used to send Slowbrow crashing into groups of players to interrupt combo attacks. Because the defender will often be in danger, the object held by the focus tape keeps the Pokemon alive long enough for it to return to an end zone to heal itself. When paired with the Potion battle item and Slowbro passive ability, opponents will have a hard time knocking out the defender.


  • Special 1: Surfing
  • Special Attack 2: Telekinesis

Elements selected

  • Focus band
  • Score Shield
  • buddy barrier

battle object

Slowbro attack build for Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Slowbro

The other popular Slowbrow build pokemon uniteThe 2022 season is all about making the Pokémon Kanto an offensive defender. With the Scald buff, the Defender can now deal a substantial amount of damage to enemies. The move becomes even more powerful when using the Wisdom Spectacles and Held Item Pick specs, which greatly increase Slowbro’s Sp. Attack stat. Scald allows players to control lanes with its long reach, while also applying Slow and Burn status to enemies hit by the water jet.

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Although Shell Bell may not be as popular as it was in 2021, the held item has seen a resurgence in popularity with Slowbro’s offensive build. Shell Bell not only heals the Defender, but also gives another buff to Slowbro’s Sp. Attack stat. The item will give players more survivability in skirmishes, while further strengthening Scald. Finally, players will want to use Amnesia Special as their main source of healing.


  • Special Attack 1: Burn
  • Special Attack 2: Amnesia

Elements selected

  • Wise glasses
  • Specifications of choice
  • seashell bell

battle object

Almost a year after its launch, Slowbro continues to be one of the most popular defenders of pokemon unite. His tank defense and disruptive moves make him a solid pick for any team. Slowbro also has a major advantage, as his ranged water gun attack allows players to control top or bottom lane within the first five minutes of the match. Having the right Slowbro construction allows the pokemon unite Defenders become an unstoppable force.

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