Red Bull Magnitude: Outer Reefs, Waimea and Jaws light up


One month left in the waiting period of this year’s Red Bull Magnitude – the all-digital, all-female big wave competition – and another questionable pulse has just hit Hawaii.

Following a starting swell on January 9anda second day of big waves hit on January 22n/a. (Check out Swell’s full story here.) The women — including last year’s overall winner Keala Kennelly, Bianca Valenti, Makani Adric, Paige Alms, Annie Reickert, and more — benefited both Maui and Oahu. Some even surfed the outer reefs in the morning then headed out to Waimea Bay for the afternoon/evening session. And there were some new faces in the mix, too, like Laura Enever and Katie McConnell.

Check out some highlights and hear from the athletes below.

Laura Enever

Laura Enever, Oahu Outer Reef, 1/22/22. Video: Red Bull Content Pool

“What a morning. I’m not going to lie, the nerves were really at the last swell. My goal was just to get my feet back, feel my new big boards, and gain confidence after missing the last two seasons here in Hawaii.

“Loved watching everyone charging in there and loved seeing those beautiful big waves up close. Thanks to the Red Bull Magnitude team and Water Safety for taking care of all those ladies. And thanks to Alex Gray for all the encouragement over the past two weeks. [Via Instagram.]

Annie Reichert

Annie Reickert, Jaws, 1/22/22. Video: Red Bull Content Pool

“It was great to have my first Jaws towing session of the winter under my belt the other day. It was windy at the start and a tough day to paddle so I decided to wait for the session To be honest, I didn’t have very good waves that day. Let’s call it a warm-up session. I had one that I ran into and some fun riders that felt great, but I didn’t find the wave I was looking for. It’s frustrating on days like this, but it makes me more excited than ever for the next swell.

“The progression I’ve seen in female big wave surfing this winter has been truly inspiring. Every swell I see, females are charging at every big wave spot Hawaii has to offer. With the both towing and paddling in the mix, the game is changing, I’m more motivated than ever after seeing the level of engagement in the female big wave community.

Raquel Heckert

Raquel Heckert, Waimea Bay, 01/22/22. Video: Red Bull Content Pool

“I woke up in the dark that day and went to the outer reef first. When the light first hit him, he was taller than anyone expected and magnificent. The winds were calm, the conditions were clean and it got crowded pretty quickly. Around noon it started to get very windy and less consistent. Red Bull Magnitude had told us they were heading to Waimea Bay, and just then a big set came along with lots of waves. It cleaned everyone up, so it was a good time. [Laughs.]

“I surfed The Bay until evening and the sets really slowed down by then and got smaller. It was very westerly so it just broke in one spot. But the wind was less of an issue there so we still had clean conditions until sunset. Just really slow. It was great to ride two big wave spots on the same swell.

“My biggest wave was the first one I caught at the Outer Reef in the morning. It was solid and no one else was where this one was about to break, so I I just turned around and paddled as hard as I could I went in and did the fall which was really exciting I just felt like I was going down forever I had to focus on the dealing with each bump as it came in. I was thrilled! After my wave, I took an empty bomb to the head, then went back to the line-up.

“It was so good to see more women there. I’m proud of the girls who took part in this session and who stepped out of their comfort zone. It’s how we grow. This season, I “I’ve seen women get a little hungrier and more competitive which is exciting. I can’t wait to see more sponsors and support for women as they continue to charge and inspire.”

Bianca Valenti

Bianca Valenti, Jaws, 01/22/22. Photo: Christa Funk / Red Bull Content Pool

“Jaws is definitely the bluest, most beautiful big wave in the world, in my opinion. Also, the hardest.

“It was windy early on and mostly really gnarly and sketchy vertical entries, but every two hours a nice set of clean northern peaks were coming in. And that’s what I had in front of me.

“I rowed and sat on top of the peak with Kai [Lenny]Ian [Walsh]Greg [Long]Jojo [Roper] and Tyler [Larronde].

“About an hour into a bomb with the line I wanted to appear. I turned around and probably had my easiest entry on a 25 mph, 30 foot (Hawaiian size) wave. Watch the line is crazy and everything moves so fast…I saw about two football fields between me and the end of the wave.While I was drawing my line I hit a bump and lost my balance and I I was suddenly on my back watching the lip about to crash into my face.

“I frantically grabbed my pull cord and couldn’t find it and as the monstrous wave started to rip me apart. I knew I wanted to pull as soon as possible so I looked down for the see and I fired. I was still in fizzy water; I hadn’t gone deep yet and like a rock the air canister propelled me to the surface. gave me a moment to relax and when I finally arrived Mark with the Peahi Hui was right there, I paddled the sled and thankfully didn’t have to take the next wave over my head.

“Of all the times I’ve taken off my inflation vest, this time felt the most like a rocket. I usually don’t shoot it and just try to make my waves.

“I’m excited for the next swell because I’m going to do the next one. Each wipeout offers a great learning lesson and this was the one I needed to learn in order to successfully progress to the next level.

Kelta O’Rourke

Kelta O’Rourke, Oahu’s outer reef, 01/22/22. Video: Red Bull Content Pool

“The conditions were so perfect for the Outer Reef on January 22 and provided an incredible opportunity for all women to push their limits. It was incredibly glassy, ​​the crowds were gentle and there was no shortage of waves in the lineup. C t was truly an incredible experience to see as many women as there were men!

“This was my second time surfing the Outer Reef, and my goal for the session was to sit deep and get into one of the bigger sets. After sitting down for a bit, I I was in the perfect spot to catch a set, and I knew this was the wave I was waiting for. The fall was steep and bumpy, but I held on and made it. Turns out I was sitting a little too deep and ended up getting caught behind the section, having all the lime force on me I had the biggest smile on my face in the whole wave, and after getting pounded, I came back laughing.

“Each year I have seen more and more women push the boundaries of big wave surfing and take a well-deserved place in the big wave lineups. It has taken many years for women to gain recognition and the respect they deserve in big wave surfing, but I think we’re starting at a turning point. We’ve proven that we belong in this sport, and now we can start to focus more on ourselves and each other. the others at higher levels in the sport.

Katie McConnell

Katie McConnell, Oahu Outer Reef, 1/22/22. Video: Red Bull Content Pool

“I realized this last time before rowing Jaws, which is a very consistent wave, that a lot of my fears are rooted in the kind of legacy I leave behind if I don’t come back. Like, have I been rude to anyone lately? I just want to leave love behind. Before paddling in big waves, I try to make peace with people.

“In this competition, I was inspired by Bianca Valenti, who can surf anything. Paige Alms, the queen of jaws. And of course Keala Kennelly. I am so grateful for what she has done to advocate for women in surfing.

“Very soon there will be a ton of women charging big waves, we’re in this transition period where there are more and more women out there all the time, and I don’t see it slowing down. It Soon there will be more women sending it and pushing the envelope.

“I find that when I have a hard knock or I’m sent underwater for a long time, I stay really present and super calm. I like being underwater so I just try to enjoy the ride. Like what direction should I shoot, can I shoot, how far am I trained… I just stay super present and calm and patiently wait to come back up.

Remi Nealon

Remi Nealon, Waimea Bay, 01/22/22. Video: Red Bull Content Pool

“When I know there’s a big swell coming, I start giving myself positive affirmations like ‘you’re strong, you’re capable, that’s what you’re training for.’ Then when the big day arrives, I meditate before paddling to calm down and it usually works. Usually…

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“Big wave surfing seems to be very popular right now. Suddenly everyone is doing it. More women, surprisingly of course, and many, many men. I hope to ride big waves for many years to come – for my personal growth and sanity, not just for a contest.

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