Sailing World Championships | The Indian team wants to enter the Golden Fleet


The Indian team has been preparing hard at the Royal Madras Yacht Club for over a month.

The Indian team has been preparing hard at the Royal Madras Yacht Club for over a month.

“We want to land on the moon and aim for the stars,” Arvind Subramanian, 25.

Arvind, who is the youngest of four members of the Indian team competing in the J80 World Sailing Championships in Rhode Island, USA (October 2-9), is hoping to qualify for the Golden Fleet this that no Indian team has done before. . “We’re looking forward to making a mark (reaching the top 10),” Arvind said.

Abhimanyu Panwar, the team’s skipper, and an experienced hand, echoes the view. “We want to crack the gold fleet and get into the top 5 if possible,” he said. The Hindu on a zoom call recently.

The team has been training diligently for over a month at the Royal Madras Yacht Club in Chennai and are prepared for all sorts of emergencies.

Sweta Shervegar, 2018 Asian Games silver medalist (with Varsha Gautham) and who sailed with Abhimanyu at the Asian Championships, said: “We have prepared and trained extensively for the worst case, when there is a strong breeze or rough water, or any other emergency.

Abhimanyu expects the results to be “much better” than what the previous team could do: finish in the top 60 of the 2019 J80 Worlds. “We learned from our previous experience of competing in the J80 Worlds. Then we didn’t know how to race, how to tune the boats, we gradually improved and the team around me is much better,” said Abhimanyu.

Arvind said sailing as a sport needs sponsors to grow, and J80 will certainly give the sport the accessibility it is looking for. “J80 is more accessible to non-sailors. It will help raise awareness of sailing. Even a commoner can sail and feel comfortable,” he said.


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