Sexual Abuse: Parental Neglect Puts the Nation’s Future at Risk — WICE


Members of the National Association of Women in Colleges of Education, (WICE) South-West Zone, have raised their voices against parental neglect, which they have attributed to unhealthy sexual abuse and other social vices that pervade the Nigeria as a nation in this 21st century.

The association formulated this position at its 6th Biennial South West Conference/Workshop, based on the theme; Sexual Abuse and Parental Neglect in the 21st Century: A Challenge to National Growth and Development, held recently at the Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo.

The association expressed concern that the growth and development of a nation would remain elusive in a society where parental neglect is prevalent, while life and property in such a society would no longer be guaranteed.

According to the Association, the rising rate of violence, drug abuse and other related vices perpetrated by young Nigerians in the country in recent times has called on Nigerian parents to look after their little ones in order to save the future. of this country and Africa in general.

Speaking at the event, the Association’s zonal coordinator, Dr. Roseline Ololade, affirmed that parental responsibility for the moral upbringing of a child is essential to the national development process, saying that no society cannot afford to have untrained and wayward children in the process of nation building.


According to her, the future of Nigeria is at stake with the increasing rate of bad boys and girls in the society, expressing her fear that Nigeria will start to experience national disasters if the leadership of this nation falls into their hands.

She said, “It is high time parents took responsibility for the moral upbringing of their children to guide them against public sexual harassment and ward off all forms of vice for the sake of the family and the nation at large.

In this regard, there is a need for higher education institutions in the country to prioritize the accommodation of female students, as professors remain the loco parentis of all students, especially female counterparts”.

Speaking in the same spirit, the President of the Association, Federal College of Education, Special, Oyo, Chapter, Dr. Mrs. Anthonia Ajobiewe and the Public Relations Officer of the Association, Dr. Mrs. Adekemi Fadun affirmed that it had become inevitable for Nigerian women to give sufficient attention to the moral upbringing of their children.

According to them, a good family gives birth to a good society and a good nation, pointing out that the parental responsibility to inculcate discipline, moral education and the fear of God in the lives of children so that they become good citizens in society is crucial for national development.

Likewise, the keynote speaker on the occasion, the rector of the Federal School of Surveying, Oyo, Dr. Dupe Olayinka-Dosumu and the keynote presenter, Dr. Olugbenro Adeniyi, in their presentations, agreed in principle that the neglect of the moral education of the child is dangerous for life. and property as well as the economic development of any nation.

According to them, Nigeria is under siege of youth violence capable of crippling the country’s economy if nothing is done to adequately reduce it. Dr. Dupe said the solutions to the social problems of young people are on everyone’s table in society.

“Everyone has to be vigilant; the community, religious institutions and government have specific roles to play in curbing the growing social threat of young people in the country. There must be functional legislation against child abuse in the country. All actors in the education of children, government, community and parents must be functional to effectively stem the threat.

Dr Adeniyi condemned the negative ways in which young Nigerians surf the internet. According to her, whatever happens to a child will affect society. If young people are not properly prepared in terms of moral education, the whole nation will be in danger.

She said: “Raising a child is not just for economic motive, but also to become responsible to society. Young people are the future leaders of any society. With this in mind, there should be a platform for the moral and disciplinary education of young people and the process of skill development. Concerted efforts must be made to stem the tide of negativities flowing from homes. In addition, the study programs of higher education institutions should be made functional for self-employment purposes.

Furthermore, the Chairperson of the Local Organizing Committee of the conference, Dr. (Ms.) Mopelola Akin-Taylor described the theme of the conference as timely and necessary to deliberate and find solutions to prevent Nigeria from collapsing. “. Parenthood is a major aspect of life. If the house is fine, all the other places will be fine. The good, bad and ugly of a child’s lifestyle begins at home. To prevent Nigeria from being destroyed, we must start at home,” she warned.


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