Simpliv Learning Shows 1000 Growth in Online Courses


Witnessing 1,000% growth in online courses, Simpliv Learning has already turned the tide in its 1st quarter: Shahanshah Manzoor

In a competitive world where many online learning platforms require monthly subscriptions to deliver instruction, Simpliv Learning gives the competition away with its lifetime access to educational courses at reasonable prices. According to company officials, Simpliv Learning has grown by 1000% and its revenue has doubled in the last 3 months.

The portal dedicates 24/7 customer support for any help its customers might need. Actively working to create an accessible and achievable standard for education, Simpliv Learning has stood the test of time and built a unique reputation. More than being a middleman while connecting expert tutors to aspiring students, Simpliv Learning believes that students should get the best education advice. This, as its founder claims, will only benefit them to stand out from the crowd in these competitive times.

Speaking of the way forward, the company believes in continuing its tremendous efforts to make education accessible to all. The company is currently planning to become one of the most important leaders in the e-learning industry by integrating many advanced technological tools. He also believes in developing his platform to be more customer-centric in the coming times so that more and more people can surf on it. By creating an education forum for everyone, Simpliv Learning still has miles to go.


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