Spring is in the air – and the Pacific adds a wintry touch

  • Solid swell at XL WNW for spots north of Pt. Conception
  • Smaller NW deals for SoCal, SSW swells mix
  • Wind less than ideal for most, some windows to target

Yes, it’s mid-March, but a winter swell is still on the menu. As the rest of us caught up on an hour of lost sleep, the North Pacific was busy kicking off an impressive storm system that will see California’s northern and central coasts in significant waves on Tuesday, while southern California gets a smaller, fun-zone version by Wednesday. On the other hand, local conditions have also decided to pick up speed over the weekend, which means risky winds for most areas over the next few days.

Nor/CenCal Forecast: San Francisco | Pacifica-San Mateo County | Santa Cruz | Monterey | S.L.O. County

Luckily for us, Surfline forecaster Schaler Perry forgot to set his alarm for Sunday (too bad for him), which gave him some time before the sun came up to fine-tune this week’s forecast: “It will be an interesting and quintessential spring week for waves across California,” he said. “In March we typically see the South Pacific gradually adding noticeable waves while the North Pacific remains our primary generator. of waves – with the possibility of throwing in a few more tedders.And we are just at the right time, and as is often the case in the spring…scoring this week is going to be all about the windows and blocking the wind.

Satellite loop and Lotus animation of the storm and swell responsible for this week’s action in the North Pacific

Watch live: multi-camera | Ocean Beach | Maverick’s | Steam way | Morro Bay | Point Ventura | C Street | Porto | HB Pier | salt stream | by Swami | Pacific Beach

“North of Point Conception, the week starts with a respectable size, then tends towards XL until the middle of the week, with strong and long period WNW swell peaks. The impressive swell thanks to a weak hurricane force shift from northern Hawaii into the Gulf of Alaska over the weekend. The hauntings of big waves have a window on Tuesday before high pressure creates strong northwest winds and makes wind blocking mandatory midweek. The surf is down but still quite solid later in the week as the wind remains largely problematic.

“For Southern California, there is a decent little mix of swells at the start of the week – as the North Pacific does the heavy lifting and the South Pacific tries to get on the shelf. Wednesday will be the strongest NW wave day of the week, but conditions will not be as favorable in all areas. The size is down at the weekend, but there will be some nice windows to score as the combined breaks are cooled by the Southern Hemisphere swell.

SoCal Forecast: santa-barbara | Ventura | North LA | South of LA | North OC | South OC | SD North | SD South

Don’t worry if it gets a bit difficult to find a wave window that works with your schedule this week. While those spring winds are likely to stay, it doesn’t look like the North Pacific is done with us just yet – and the Southern Hemisphere is just getting started.

What to know before leaving this winter

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