Surf Coast artist soothes souls


TORQUAY musician Paz Sounds is on a mission to heal and her debut album ‘Moments’ used the Surf Coast as inspiration for this task.

Featuring relaxation music inspired by the Australian landscape, the work is textured with tracks featuring soundscape beds of field recordings with pieces written for guitar and piano on top.

“I think the whole Surf Coast has really improved my songwriting…for every song, I take a picture of a place that becomes the cover of the song, and then I’ll record the sounds of the place,” explained the classically trained guitarist. musical process.

Paz’s path to the coast and current direction of music began at age four when she and her six-year-old brother began learning classical guitar using the Suzuki method, where players listen to a song 100 times, then try to play it. Memory.

“We’ve been doing this for 20 years playing gigs across Australia, at the Sydney Opera House, at the Melbourne Recital Centre, we’ve been going to guitar festivals in Italy, Spain and America, it’s just been a much of my life growing up…I lived in Spain for a year and learned flamenco, but then I started to transition into this relaxing musical path.

Paz said pivotal moments in her career include her involvement in the music therapy department at the Royal Melbourne Hospital as part of a program to help patients recover and provide musical relief to hospital staff.

“I went very regularly and played with patients and staff whenever I could,” she said.
“I remember when I was performing in the hospital, I was on the seventh floor in a hall, and there was a man who came up from the first floor to find the music, and then sat there for a whole hour To listen.

“When I was done he came over and said it was the longest he had forgotten his pain, which was so beautiful.

“He was a patient, he was in constant pain and didn’t really know any relief, but when he listened to music he kind of forgot, I found that really fascinating.”

When the hospital closed to non-employees during the pandemic, Paz streamed her music live through an online event and raised over $1,000 for the music therapy department. With her latest album, she hopes to contribute to the department by donating money from her upcoming release.

“I loved going there and playing music for people who didn’t even know they really needed to hear it…it’s a really innovative treatment.”

The album’s fundraising launch will take place at Happy Spaces in Torquay on Saturday 22nd October, 6-10pm.

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