Taxi Co-op Head expects a hiccup at port, happy to have smoother navigation ahead


Bridgetown Port Taxi Co-Op Society Ltd President Adrian Bayley is happy that the cries of its 170 members and other small taxi operators were heard and dealt with quickly after they were apparently rejected by a company cruise ship and have not had the opportunity to work with its passengers.

the minister took care of it, the government of Barbados took care of it

Yesterday morning (November 17), when the guests aboard Celebrity Cruises left the port of Bridgetown, they were either aboard an organized sightseeing bus on board or on foot. It became clear to small taxi operators that something was wrong. Upon investigation, it was learned that guests were told only to book tours to Barbados with the shore excursion team on board and not to work with other operators on the island.

Police were at the scene at the main entrance to the port just after 11 a.m., at least four officers were present and the taxi drivers were visibly upset and gathered under the large tree near the roundabout.

Talk to Loop news, last night, after the arrival of a second cruise line AIDAPerla, on the sidelines of the welcoming ceremony, Bayley confirmed that the morning show had been put to bed.

Accepting that he didn’t believe it would make it easier to navigate from the jump, he said: “After stopping for 20 months, starting over would always be a problem and we obviously couldn’t expect the same there. was two years old. So there would still be some starting issues, and we had an irritant today. “

But Bayley had open lines of communication with the powers that be and he maintains he worked to ensure that his members and others were not disadvantaged for long or significantly.

“I contacted the minister, I contacted the port management, they intervened immediately and handled the situation. So we were told that in the future, the Celebrity Lines, which I would openly say, it is were the lines we had challenges with, the minister took care of them, the government of Barbados took care of them.

“So in the future it will be better.”


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