The Best Water Types For Competitive Fighting


In Pokemon, Water-types set up offensively or defensively on any team. As one of the starter Pokémon types in the game, they only have two weaknesses, Grass and Electric, and there are reliable Water-type recovery moves. Additionally, Water-types can learn many Ice-type attacks. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that they’re a popular choice in the competitive scene.

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Although Online Pokémon Battles are available to players at all times, there are official competitive tournaments they can also participate in, called the Pokemon Video Game Championships (VGC). Some Water-type Pokémon do well in these matches, especially in the Double Battle format. These are some of the best Water-type Pokemon used in the VGC.



resume 80
Offensive 74
Defense 74
Sp.ATT 126
Sp.Def 116
The rapidity 60

Primarina is a later addition to the Pokedex first introduced in Gen VII. Her Water/Fairy typing gives her unique set of moves, and his stats make him a powerful special attacker. It features two excellent same-type attack bonus (STAB) moves, Sparkling Aria and Moonblast. His Torrent ability activates whenever his HP is low and increases Water-type moves by 50%, so if players can perform one more move before all HP is depleted, his OHKO potential is high. .

Being a Fairy-type Pokemon means it has an additional weakness to Poison-types. Therefore, players will benefit from ensuring he gets defensive support from somewhere. He can also try to gain passive damage from moves like Scald and Ice Beam depending on the circumstances.


HP 130
Offensive 65
Defense 60
Sp.ATT 110
Sp.Def 95
The rapidity 65

Vaporeon is a great support Pokemon due to its massive HP and great selection of recovery moves. It is considered a rather bulky Pokemon, even with a lower defense stat, so it manages to hold its own in the field. Vaporeon’s most vital asset is the Wish move, and it also has the Protect stall move in its supporting arsenal.

Offensively, Vaporeon has a choice of Ice Beam or even Surf for a STAB move. Complete them with the water absorption capacity, and it’s a borderline tank. Water Absorb restores HP to the user whenever a Water-type move is used against them. As a result, he is very difficult to take down, and his special attack should not be underestimated either.


HP 60
Offensive 50
Defense 100
Sp.ATT 85
Sp.Def 70
The rapidity 65

Pelipper is a good passer of rain. Rain on the ground increases Water-type moves and reduces Fire power. Pelipper has access to the Rain Dance move and Drizzle ability and so on bringing it to the rain is easy. Its Water/Flying dual-type means Grass-types are no longer an issue, but players will still need to be careful of fast Electric-types.

With Rain active, Pelipper’s STAB moves hit much harder, and he also has access to Hurricane, which is one of the best Flying-type moves. Due to the Roost move, recovery isn’t an issue either, so players will generally have a lot more time with Pelipper in combat.


HP 95
Offensive 125
Defense 79
Sp.ATT 60
Sp.Def 100
The rapidity 81

Gyarados has been around since the first generation of Pokemon Games. He’s been seen a lot in competitive battles due to his impressive attack stat, and his Mega form makes him an undeniable offensive bulldozer. His STAB moves include things like Waterfall, Hydro Pump, and Hurricane. Additionally, his Mega form introduces Dark-typing, so Crunch joins the STAB roster.

Nonetheless, players will still need to be prepared for the Electric-type weakness that knocks out Water/Flying-types with minimal effort. A Ground-type ally would therefore be a great way around this, so players should keep this in mind when choosing which Pokemon to pair with their Gyarados.


resume 100
Offensive 100
Defense 90
Sp.ATT 150
Sp.Def 140
The rapidity 90

Kyogre’s stats explain why this Pokémon is such an exceptional ally. East Kyogre very popular in VGC Meta and a favorite for Rain teams. It is Groudon’s Water-type counterpart and one of the many great Gen 3 Legendary Pokemon. His stats are well balanced and his defensive volume of 100/90/140 can take hit after hit against his opponents.

This is doubled with his impressive attack and special attack stats, which effectively turn him into a water cannon that can rip through his targets with ease. He is best known for his STAB, Water Spout, and Origin Pulse moves, but he also has the Aqua Ring recovery option. Pulling it out of the field takes dedication that only bulkier types of grass might be able to pull off.

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