The Seychelles are the new destination for adventure lovers


Skip the islands

Nothing puts you in touch with the adventure and the great diversity of this archipelago as it does from island to island. Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are the main islands but there are many more to discover.

Unlike the mountainous Inner Islands, Bird and Denis Islands to the north are flat coral island outposts offering wilderness at its best while Fregate to the east and the outer islands of Desroches and Alphonse are the ultimate tropical getaways. distant. Going from island to island around the Seychelles archipelago makes you discover the incredible diversity of these islands.

A network of air and sea connections puts these islands within easy reach, with excursions by local operators offering the option of day trips to the nearest islands where you can enjoy nature walks, swimming, snorkelling and traditional Creole cuisine which is a delicious fusion of ancient French cuisine and Indian and Chinese culinary traditions that produce masterpieces such as freshly baked fish drizzled with garlic , ginger and peppers; coconut curry; terrines and fruits used as vegetables in a variety of hot chutneys.

Hitting the water

With crystal clear, warm turquoise waters and a perpetual summer climate, the Seychelles are ideal for water sports. Beau Vallon Bay on Mahé Island is the perfect place for paragliding, water skiing, jet skiing, banana rides and windsurfing.

Water sports centers and hotels on the islands can hire your snorkeling equipment and sometimes canoes for this individual outing in the deep blue, but watch for signs for strong currents or other hazards. Operators offer deep sea fishing in waters offering one of the most varied catches on the planet, including marlin, sailfish, tuna, jobfish, sea bream and barracuda. Land and boat dive centers can introduce you to some of the best dives on the planet over granite and coral reefs.

Trace the turquoise path

A new activity that blends wonderfully with the stunning backdrop of the Seychelles is horseback riding, now available on the island of Mahé. The stables are carefully appointed, professionally managed with a chain of magnificent Appaloosa horses.

Travelers have the pleasure of riding beautiful horses with treks through the lush green countryside along uncrowded paths, specially marked to make the most of the surroundings and to present you the best of the Seychelles’ natural beauty. as you ride flanked by virgin forest and the mighty Indian Ocean.

Travelers can now have horseback riding lessons, country hikes, walks on beautiful Grand Anse beach, romantic picnics for couples in picturesque settings with champagne and canapes, wedding celebrations and parties. photo shoots, and even swim with a horse in the ocean.

Zipline and climbing

On the island of Mahé, you can find many other activities such as rock climbing, zipline and abseiling. Ziplines range from 80 to 120m, suspended both inside and over a magnificent canopy of virgin forest, allowing the adventurer to navigate through vegetation at almost touchdown distance while on the trail. an exhilarating ride.

This ride is an adrenaline rush as you cross the emerald array at high speed and glimpse the ocean on the way down, like on hidden wings. You can also have a sensational climbing experience on an 18 meter granite cliff in a controlled and secure environment that allows you to feel mountaineering but safe.

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