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Throughout the Under Deck Sailing Yacht series, there have undoubtedly been some terrible guests. Which group should be crowned the worst?

Sailboat under the bridge Season 3 is currently airing, and so far the season has some of the worst charter guests. the Under the bridge The franchise is set up on a luxury ship with a crew that is supposed to provide its guests with five-star service. Naturally, there are some horrible customers, with those guests being some of the worst the franchise has ever seen.

Captain Glenn Shephard of BDSY had to deal with her fair share of problems while running the superyacht Parsifal III. The seasoned captain had to navigate boring deckhands who didn’t handle their booze, dockside mishaps, and tedious guests who always seemed to want a picnic on the beach. Glenn always does his best to ensure that each rental season is as splendid as the last. With only two seasons and a third airing of the spinoff, the Captain and his crew have been able to iron out almost every problem and are looking forward to another wonderful year full of big tips and hopefully no complaints. However, along the way, they encountered some of the worst guests.


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the Under the bridge The franchise has captured the hearts of Bravo viewers with its nautical adventures. With multiple spinoffs, the show took fans on a sea of ​​adventure and enlightened them on how some charter guests actually act. Some charter guests have been absolutely lovely, while others are picky, demanding, incredibly wealthy guests who feel they deserve anything and everything at the snap of a finger. It became obvious to Under the bridge fans that working on a luxury yacht isn’t always a dream job. These are some of Sailing yacht below deck worst guests.

Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow

Fans first met Barrie and Tony when they took their family on a luxury vacation to Croatia, away from the cold in England. The couple have been making waves thanks to their LGBTQ+ history and little drama. Viewers were quickly annoyed by Barrie’s rude attitude and lack of manners. Barrie came out much worse than Tony, who seemed genuinely embarrassed by his former partner’s actions. While he and his band were high maintenance, they were nothing compared to these next two charter bands.

McCordia Young

sail below deck

Sailboat under the bridge Season 3 stew Gabriela Barragan thought she’d be fine on the night shift, but McCordia proved her wrong when he tried to flirt with her. the Under the bridge The charter guest in question was on a trip with his friends, but one night he got too drunk and started asking Gabriela personal and inappropriate questions. He inquired about her sexual preferences and how he found her attractive. Viewers were shocked and uncomfortable by his advances.

Erica and Chuck Rose

Erica Rose on Sailboat under the bridge

While Erica has always been a legend on Sailboat under the bridge, she and her mother have had a lot of drama around them this season. This time, Erica brought her husband, Chuck, on the trip, and fans got more than they bargained for. Besides leaving an abysmal tip of just $6,500, the couple were extremely rude to the staff, who tried to go above and beyond for their group. Not only was the tip the lowest in franchise history, but her husband, with his “incredible” palette, had the audacity to say that McDonald’s was better than chef Marcos Spaziani’s food.

Viewers are above these particular guests, but know that rudeness will always be mandatory. They add drama to the show that, for once, isn’t between the team. Those awful charter guests are what makes Sailboat under the bridge such an entertaining series.

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