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A number of cruise ships are starting a new life in 2022, having been sold between companies, transferred between sister brands and, in some cases, put into service for completely new operators.

According to the latest edition of Used Cruise Ship Market Report by Cruise Industry News, here are the ships entering service for new operators in 2022:

Azamara forward

Capacity: 680
Tonnage: 30,200
Year Built: 1999
New operator: Azamara
Last name and cruise line: Pacific Princess (Princess Cruises)
First cruise: May 2, 2022

Previously operated by Princess Cruises, the former Pacific Princess will enter service for Azamara on May 2, 2022.

Now named Azamara Onward, the ship debuts with a series of itineraries in the western and eastern Mediterranean. Before her debut, however, the ship is expected to undergo a complete makeover to reflect the Azamara brand and its product.

Astoria Grande

Capacity: 1,186
Tonnage: 38,600
Year Built: 1996
New operator: Astoria Grande
Last name and cruise line: AIDAcara (AIDA Cruises)
First cruise: to be determined

The former AIDAcara is decommissioned in Turkey following its conversion to the Astoria Grande. It is expected to start sailing and serving a new market in 2022 for its new Russian owners, sources say.


Capacity: 1,590
Tonnage: 70,000
Year Built: 1991
New operator: Ambassador Cruise Line
Last name and cruise line: Pacific Dawn (P&O Australia)
First cruise: April 6, 2022

After being saved from scrapping in early 2021, Ambiance is expected to debut for its new operator on April 6, 2022.

Currently undergoing refurbishment in Croatia, the ship is set to launch a new product in the UK market, non-flying cruises for the new Ambassador Cruise Line. Before being sold to the new start-up cruise line, the vessel built in 1991 was last operated by P&O Australia as Pacific Dawn.

Pacific Encounter

Capacity: 2,600
Tonnage: 109,000
Year Built: 1992
New operator: P&O Australia
Last name and cruise line: Star Princess (Princess Cruises)
First cruise: April 22, 2022

The Pacific Encounter will enter service for P&O Australia in 2022. Formerly known as the Star Princess, the ship is set to begin a new life of cruising in Australia, with her inaugural sailing currently scheduled for April 22.

Already sporting the colors and livery of the new operator, the 2,600-guest vessel underwent a renovation in Singapore in early 2021.

Margaritaville Paradise

Capacity: 1,300
Tonnage: 53,000
Year Built: 1991
New operator: Margaritaville at Sea
Surname and Cruise Line: Grand Classica (Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line)
First cruise: April 30, 2022

Margaritaville Resorts & Hotels enters the cruise business in 2022, using the former Grand Classica.

Currently sailing for Bahamas Paradise, the 1991-built vessel is expected to enter service for the new brand on April 30, following a major refit in Grand Bahama. Like the Margaritaville Paradise, the ship offers short cruises to the Bahamas from the Port of Palm Beach.

Ex-Costa Magica

Capacity: 2,720
Tonnage: 103,000
Year Built: 2004
New operator: Carnival Cruise Line
Last name and cruise line: Costa Magica (Costa Cruises)
First cruise: “Mid-2022”

While details are still not known at the time of publication, the Costa Magica is expected to launch a service for Carnival Cruise Line by mid-2022.

After a dry dock, a name change and a conversion under the Carnival brand, the vessel made her debut in the North American market after nearly 20 years of sailing for Costa Cruises.

Heritage Adventurer

Capacity: 146
Tonnage: 9,000
Year Built: 1993
New operator: heritage expeditions
Last name and cruise line: RCGS Resolute (One Ocean Expeditions)
First cruise: June 3, 2022

New Zealand-based Heritage Expeditions announced it would operate the old Hanseatic last year. Last operated by One Ocean Expeditions, the ship is scheduled to debut for its new cruise line on June 3, 2022.

Now named the Heritage Adventurer, the ship built in 1993 is expected to offer expedition cruises to the Russian Far East, the South Pacific, New Zealand, the subantarctic islands and Antarctica.

Other cruise ships starting a new life in 2022 include:

  • Costa Mediterranea (Carnival China – CSSC)
  • Costa Atlantica (Carnival China – CSSC)
  • Pacific Adventurer (P&O Australia)
  • The Zenith (PeaceBoat)
  • Pacific World (PeaceBoat)
  • Charm (Plan Cruises)
  • Vidanta Elegant (Vidanta Cruises)


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