Two men recover after a yacht sailing from the Caribbean to Ibiza ran aground on Achill Island


Two men are recovering after their yacht ran into difficulty at sea and ran aground on Achill Island as their transatlantic voyage nearly ended in disaster.

It is believed the 50ft yacht ran into trouble off the west coast of Ireland early last week and capsized with both men on board. It is understood the mast of the yacht broke in rough seas.

However, no distress signal was given and the yacht then ran aground against an inaccessible cliff near Dooega Head, south of Achill Island.

The yacht and crew were there for three days before one scaled the perilous cliffs and raised the alarm in Dooega on Friday. There were strong gusty winds in Dooega for most of those three days.

The Achill Island Coastguard, with the help of the RNLI, was present. Due to the inaccessibility of the remote location, the second crew member had to be airlifted to safety by the Rescue 118 helicopter.

The yacht was stranded on Achill shore for three days before one of the two crew climbed the cliffs and raised the alarm at Dooega on Friday.

He was taken to Mayo University Hospital in Castlebar, where he is still being treated.

His colleague was also admitted to hospital but has since been discharged and is staying there.

Authorities say both men were emaciated and dehydrated. The men told rescuers that one of them is Spanish and the second is Colombian. Neither was traveling with a passport.

The men said they had departed from a Caribbean port and hoped to travel to Ibiza.

On Saturday, customs officers carried out an examination of the premises, assisted by An Garda Siochána. They were brought down to the scene by an Air Corps helicopter.

It is understood that no navigational equipment, incriminating evidence or identification documents of any kind were found. There was also no food or water on board.


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