UNIFIED Music Group launches Community Music distribution service


UNIFIED Music Group has launched an artist distribution service called Community Music.

The multi-division company previously offered the service for acts on its artist management roster, including Ocean Alley and Jack Botts.

But today’s announcement officially gives it a name, with a mission to empower independent artists who thrive in a DIY landscape and provide alternative options for releasing their music.

Luke Logemann, Managing Director of Recorded Music at UNIFIED, said Community Music might not necessarily become the biggest distributor, but offers artists something compelling.

“As a company we’ve been around for over 10 years now, and the two main pillars were recorded music and artist management,” said Logemann. TMN.

“Through our work in these areas, we have gained a very good understanding of what independent artists generally need and how to fill in the gaps.”

Logemann explains that Community Music’s strategy is to give artists control, as well as access to business knowledge and additional artist services.

These include A&R and campaign strategy, physical production management, DSP and sales pitch, online store and order management and team coordination.

Alternative pop singer Sarah Saint James (in the photo above), Sarah Bodle’s project from Adelaide, explains her signature on Community Music: “Being in control of my artistic talent is something very important to me when choosing who to work with to bring my project to life.

“Through Community Music, I have met a team of people who believe not only in me as an artist, but also in my creative vision and ideas.

“Since I have been with Community Music, I have never felt so supported. I look forward to the future!

Heading Community Music is Senior Artist, A&R and Events Director, Dan Nascimento.

“We thought ‘Community’ was the perfect word to describe what our distribution offering is; an option for artists who operate independently or with an independent team to improve the resources they have in their area, in turn elevating their exit plan, ”he said.

“The exit is the vehicle, the artist is in the driver’s seat and we are in the passenger seat providing the map with the different routes that can be taken to reach the destination.”

Will Stoeckel, who joined UNIFIED in April, is the project coordinator and also manages The Grogans.

Also on the team are UNIFIED Sales Manager Brit de Groot and Production Manager Tianna Eger.

At launch, the list comes from across the country.

From Melbourne, singer-songwriter Jacob Fitzgerald, jazz drummer / songwriter Local The Neighbor, surf rock bands Majak Door and The Grogans, and indie actor Gloomie.

High-profile reggae fusionists Ocean Alley, industrial pop-punks Dick Dudley and former Byron Bay busker Jack Botts hail from New South Wales.

Brisbane is represented by Bugs and First Beige, six tracks, with Internet Friends and indie funkers Mal de Mer from Perth, and punk / emo group Wolf & Chain from Adelaide.

Since its soft-launch in early 2021, Community Music has distributed the eponymous Majak Door album, Wolf & Chain’s EP Mortal amor and singles including “Just A Kid” by the Grogans, “Every Time I Leave” by Gloomie and “Cancel Me” by Local The Neighbor.

Coming this year, Jacob Fitzgerald’s EP Pretend to be cool (released tomorrow), a double A-side release of the single ‘Do You See Me?’ by Dick Dudley and Mal de Mer.


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