“Voting in Southern Mindanao goes smoothly” – Comelec


The Electoral Commission (Comelec) said voting in Marawi, Sulu, Basilan and Tawi-Tawi had started without any untoward incidents being reported.

Comelec spokesman John Rex Laudiangco said that in the city of Cotabato, 14 Philippine National Police Special Election Commissions lined up at the city treasurer’s office to receive their ballots. He said that the other election commissions are already in their respective offices and have started receiving voters.

Laudiangco said there was only a slight delay due to the long queue.

“The beauty of Cotabato City is that the treasurer’s office is close to the polls,” he said at a press briefing shortly after voting began.

Laudiangco said he was told it would take police personnel less than an hour to get there and they could start voting immediately.

In Bukidnon, Laudiangco said he received reports of an unstable power connection.

“As we mentioned the other day, the DOE (Department of Energy) has given assurances that they will fix this problem,” he said. “They’re going to divert energy resources there, that’s plan A. And we also have plan B, we have batteries. We also have plan C, we have generators. that the elections there will pass.”

Laudiangco said if all else fails in energy supply, the polling body will implement the same “standard emergency measure”.

“Voting will continue… We will power these batch ballots with observer monitoring and the arm of accredited citizens. It is our promise to our people that voting will continue. Whatever the problem , the Comelec will take care of it quickly,” he said.


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