Watch: Wild Beauty, with Mathea Olin


The Canadian coastline can be rugged, ruthless place for a surfer. And once you get out of surfing hotspots like Tofino, BC, the elements only increase. But so do the odds of scoring uncrowded and elusive waves.

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And that’s what Mathea Olin, 17, from Tofino, was pursuing during a recent strike mission in one of Canada’s main slabs. It wasn’t an easy hike – and the wave wasn’t a piece of cake to be cracked – but it was all worth it, in the end, when she and her crew cheered each other on by swapping hollow, icy tubes. .

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“Our best waves in Canada are definitely not a drive away,” says Olin. “Sometimes it’s a three hour mission that can be glassy and calm, or other times it can be crazy and you have spray and wind and waves coming from all directions. I couldn’t believe I was going to ride this wave that I wanted for so long. But I was like, ‘you have to go over there and send it. You may not have as many opportunities to go back.

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And send it, she did.

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